Studying and Store Fronts

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Until Wednesday, I am going to have to take some time off. My last exam in history is on Wednesday, and I really need to study for it. I am going to Clayton State University for a bachelor's degree in IT. I hope you guys have had some fun! I'll be back soon. Everything is an unorganized jumble right now. Hope you can weed through it.

I am also working on my zlio store. It looks really awful right now. I did not even put the items in the right categories, but how do you guys like the idea of your own store items as adsense. I never make any money off of adsense. I guess you have to have a million readers for that. I think everyone has just gotten used to the ads. It is sort of like voluntary television commercials.

I also need to ship my book so that I can adjust the earnings. I made about $20 off of eBay! Yeah.
eBay may be boring, but at least you can really make money there.


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