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I have been filling out applications for work at home positions from the east coast to the west coast. None of the "legit" companies have called me back, yet. I have an Associate's Degree in a computer related field, telecommunications experience, and I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree online. What else do these companies want to make outbound telemarketing and customer service calls. Maybe I am applying at the wrong ones. I would list them, and list links to apply to them, but I feel that would be useless unless I could get a description of the jobs, etc. I may do that some time in the future...

I did get one call from They want you to pay $50. If you view the web page, (the web page is pictured above with the counter at 615) their counter reaches 0 and starts over again. I am still giggling the concept of a counter that starts over displayed on the web page in front of your face. The representative, Alvin, for the product that is supposed to make me from "$143.50 to $925.00 per day doing easy data entry work" is insanely persistent. He has called me 3-4 times already. Alvin is the one who directed me to the website. He says he uses the system and makes money. Hmmm... I bet he works off commission.

If the company does not offer you a commission percentage, hourly rate, or tax document to be filled out, then you are not really employed by said company. Web design information I might pay for, a book about working online, but I just can't afford to pay companies like this right now. Please fill me in if you guys have a different opinion of this company.

Meanwhile, I wait for the legitimate companies to call me back...


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