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WidgetBucks pays its blogger advertisers to post ads on their blogs when the ads are clicked, per 1000 impressions, and when the advertiser refers another advertiser. The ads are cutting edge technology, and very impressive. Your blog must be approved by WidgetBucks in order to place WidgetBucks ads on your blog. I was very impressed with the program, and I have even installed an ad on my blog, and may even install another soon. With a minimum $50 payout, and a 45 day wait after the minimum is met, it may take you a while to receive your payment. WidgetBucks is compatible with Google Adsense. WidgetBucks does accept bloggers from other countries than the US, but be careful because they only pay for clicks from certain countries listed in the FAQ section. I have not received any payment or made any money as of yet. I will update you as soon as that happens. Have fun with WidgetBucks! It looks like a really awesome advertising program tailored to bloggers, and it is absolutely free. I have installed it on my blog, and can't wait to install the more complicated ad.

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