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Commission Junction is pretty complicated. I mean it's easy, but it's complicated. The video I am including is 8 minutes long. There is an entire "Commission Junction University" just to learn how to use the site, advertise, and publish advertisements. I suggest you read this before you try publishing for the site.
The site itself is awesome with many advertisers from reputable companies like Staples. The gist of Commission Junction is that you get paid to advertise for others as long as someone purchases something through the advertisement that you have posted on your page. Some of the advertising companies also pay for memberships and sign ups. The tough part is getting you guys to purchase things. Believe me, I understand. If you're visiting this blog, you're looking for how to make money, not how to spend money. I was impressed with Commission Junction, and the money making potential looks amazing. The downside is you need a website with many readers, and those readers usually need to purchase something. Many advertisers do pay for leads.
I applied to three different advertisers. I am awaiting approval, and I will create a follow-up post to inform you of the results. They may reject me. My sites are new, and I don't have that many dedicated readers, yet.

Here's the video:

Update: This is a hard sell for me. Even's ads, which do not require a purchase. I have reverted to clickbank, which still isn't working so well. The only thing I have made money from so far is Google Adsense. I really think that the average online consumer is too smart for most advertising anymore. It is like almost akin to Tivo - they might pay to skip the ads all together.


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