- Check Cashing Scam

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(Dallas, TX) There are tons of sites helping people make money. None of the sites listed below are get-rich-quick schemes, but they will help you earn some extra cash. TXA 21 Web Producer Anna Gonzalez tells us more.

I have actually received two of these checks. You can return them to FedEx and report them as scams or keep them and frame them. I thought I might use mine if I ever needed to escape the country in a real hurry. That's about all they're good for, and you better be out of the country
by the time they clear. Imagine - you wake up one morning around two weeks prior to Christmas, broke and virtually unemployed, and FedEx is knocking on your door with a check for $3230.00! I was cussing at them all day. My nephews wanted a Wii, dang it!
My Check:

Reviewing all of my notes and downloads, I stumbled across a really awesome way to add some relevant, interesting content to my blog and make money at the same time. pays you to embed videos of news content on your blog or website. You can create a blog just to display the content or post relevant content to a blog you have already created. I really like this idea, and I think that we should have a news feature every once in a while. This is syndicated television news from trustworthy sources, and I believe we would profit from having it posted once a week or so. It also makes for easy posts. pays, like most sites that feature something you post, per 1000 views. Here is the payment chart:

CPM On Your Site
CPM On Referred Site
Autoplay Video
Non-Autoplay Video

Not too bad, but the money won't be made overnight. I like the site, and I think my blog would profit from any videos about how to make money online, working from home, and such, so I am going to post from the newsroom every so often. CPMs do add up, and the more traffic you receive, the more money you will make. I also like the classy educational factor. I do not feel that I am trying to scam the average reader when I use posts from the newsroom to add money. The newsroom probably pays about as much as Google Adsense. I have no idea if they actually pay, and it will probably take months before I know for sure, but in the meantime they are interesting, and I hope you guys love the news posts.

This is another video on the check cashing scam:

Salt Lake City, UT - ABC4 Local News, Salt Lake City, UT - SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) � Zephyr Driggs needed to make some cash � earn his keep and a few extra bones. So the 15- month old German shepherd responded to an email offering big money for "check processing."

Got Money - December's Final Payouts

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The month of December was really my first full month in the blogging arena. I have not made a fortune so far, but my payouts for websites that offer "get paid to" services are posted below.
eBay Bracelets -you guys may be wondering what happened to the eBay bracelets that I bought to resell. I bought them for around $.50 each through eBay from merchants with the intent of reselling them. I got them home, and they look like something you would give to small children at a birthday part
y. Not resell material. This happens to me about 1 in 3 or 4 times I buy something off of eBay, but I still love them. It really isn't the merchant's fault. I have preformed expectations of the product. While the product looked as pictured, I expected the bracelets to be bigger. I ended up giving the earrings and the bracelets for Christmas presents. I think I will steer clear of becoming an eBay reseller in the future. Maybe electronics...
GDI - I test marketed them, and noone took the bait. My verdict: not the easy, get rich quick scheme they promised. My trial was also not free. In fact, they charged me double. I disputed the charge through PayPal, and they gladly refunded my $10.00. No complaints here. GDI may not be a scam, but I would still be careful. I am probably missing out on millions, but out of 1000 page views of their turnkey website, I did not have one sell.
In the end, I decided not to include the sales of my old textbooks because they really required an investment that was larger than the profit that I made when I sold them back. I hope next month is more profitable.
Click on the image of the payouts to enlarge it.

Xomba - Make Money Bookmarking Sites

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Here is a screenshot of the Xomba bookmark( Xomblurb) that I created for my blog:

Steps to Making Money With Xomba

THE FREE ACCOUNTS. You will need to register for a FREE account with XOMBA and Google's Adsense before you can begin making money online with bookmarks. See the Resource Section below this article for direct links to both sites. Again, these are FREE accounts and this is an absolutely FREE way to make money online. If, at any point in the process, you are asked to pay money, you have done something wrong. Return to these steps and see where you have gone astray.

XOMBA AND ADSENSE. Xomba is the site you will post bookmarks and links on. Adsense is an advertising program run by Google, and they will provide the advertisements that will make money online. When you have registered and been approved for your Adsense account, you will be given a unique number. To make money online with your Xomba bookmarks, you must follow the steps provided by XOMBA to link your Adsense account. This MUST be done or you will not make a penny, no matter how many bookmarks you create.

FINDING WORTHY BOOKMARKS. Any website, article, or media online can be turned into a bookmark, or Xomblurb. Xomblurbs are links with brief descriptions of the content they link to. The trick is finding sites to bookmark that will attract ads people will click on. To do this, look for sites that offer practical information or solve problems. People are more motivated to click advertisements when there is work to be done. The more people click your ads, the more you make money online easy.

WRITING YOUR DESCRIPTION. Writing descriptions for your bookmarks is super easy, especially when you do it right. The trick to writing a description that gets people clicking ads, is to focus on keywords rather than great writing. Keywords will dictate which advertisements accompany your Xomblurbs, and will connect interested readers to the information you are providing. You don't need to write an essay about the site you are linking to. A few sentences with a vague description will do. In fact, sometimes saying less means you make more money online.

KEEP BOOKMARKING. You probably won't see much revenue in the beginning. However, the more bookmarks, or Xomblurbs, you post, the more you will watch your online income grow. Posting several new Xomblurbs a day will take only a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Those bookmarks will continue to make money online for as long as you choose to leave them up. When it comes to bookmarks for easy money, quality takes a backseat to quantity. Post bookmarks often and see how easy it is to make money online. 


The minimum payout is $100.  This site takes time, real time, but the bookmarks on Xomba have no shortage of google adsense. That is for sure. You can also create a profile and socialize. You can also get paid for Xombytes, lengthy interesting articles. Click here for an example. Have fun! 

Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System - Awesome

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Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System features free websites, free tools, free education, free marketing ideas, free clipart, free web design materials, free paying system, and on and on and on. This is an awesome website service that you can start for free. You must sign up, they allot you one online website and a url for your download so that you can see what the customer sees( you can get more urls and valuable material if you would like to pay $17.99), and you get all of this for free:

Your Own Online Money Making Website
Instant Online Setup
Regular $1497 Fee Waived
Toll Free Phone Support 24 Hours/Day
Fully Automated Website
Commission on Every Sale
FREE 1 on 1 Marketing Consultation

I am not sure how long this is offered for free, it may be forever, but I would go ahead and jump on this opportunity as quickly as possible. It really is worth the effort. I am not sure about the revenue you might earn from the websites. It is completely commission based. The education and materials that you glean and the education that you will receive when combining the website with the website marketing materials is definitely a deal for free, absolutely nothing, zero dollars, no investment required. You get the picture.

I am embedding the video for the automated wealth system. If you cannot see the video,
click here or open the blog in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Here is the introductory video for Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System:

Click this link to view the video from his website( which is much better ).

Following the introductory video is a video explaining how your website works and information on the free products that you receive with your website. There are also a few video tutorials in the my product center website that are worth taking a look at. The materials listed on the automated wealth system's website for website marketing look awesome. I, personally, would start out with some free traffic exchanges if I had a blog or a website to promote.

Free Traffic Exchange Sites for Your Website:

  1. Easy Hits 4 U
  2. Free Million Autosurf
I would use these until I became familiar with the advertising methods mentioned on the automated wealth system website.

This is the second video I made for the automated system detailing some extras and how your website works for you. Click
here if you cannot see the video:

Please comment if you would like more information. Click
here if you would like to see the website that was created for me absolutely free. My product is a eBook how to make money from taking photos. It is a really informative book, and I think it's worth the $29.99 if you are a decent photographer. I will update you as I go through marketing lessons. The paragraph below was included because there is no payment tracking method for free accounts!

How do I know how much money my website made?
When a visitor clicks Order Now on your website, they will be directed to Paypal to make the payment. Once the payment is complete, your Paypal account will be credited with the transaction amount. You should then receive email notification from Paypal. You also log in to your Paypal account to view your funds. My Product Center does not track how much money you make with your website. However, with a Pro account you can visit your statistics page and view how many orders you've received. 

Got Money - Platinum Lounge

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I was so excited when I checked my
PayPal and found money from another paying site! Platinum Lounge is so fun! It's hard to actually believe that they pay you. They don't have a lot of rules, you can tastefully promote your blog or get paid to links, making money is relatively easy, and this site is definitely for hipsters, which works out perfectly for me. This is an awesome lounging site devoted to hiphop music, celebrities, and even helping you to find other ways to make money. Platinum Lounge has also generated the first ever user generated movie, "All Eyes On Me".

Proof of PayPal Payment( click photo to enlarge ):

Platinum Lounge Ranking and Payout System is per 2 weeks as follows:
  1. Lounge ICON -- 1st Level --- $10.00 -- MVP Thursdays
  2. Lounge MVP -- 2nd Level --- $7.00 -- MVP Thursdays
  3. Lounge All Star -- 3rd Level --- $4.00 -- MVP Thurdays
  4. Lounge Pro Bowler -- 4th Level -- $3.00 -- Money Mondays
  5. Lounge Starter -- 5th Level -- $2.00 -- Money Mondays
  6. Lounge Honor Roll -- 6th Level -- $1.00 -- Money Mondays
  7. Lounge Varsity -- 7th Level -- $0
  8. Lounge Rookie -- 8th Level -- $0
  9. Lounge Waterboy -- 9th Level -- $0
  10. Lounge Newbie -- 10th Level -- $0
It takes a little while to get paid, but you can have lots of fun while posting. I spent around 8 hours one night posting music videos for rap songs that related to just about every post I came across. It was very entertaining, and the 8 hours passed very quickly. Platinum Lounge is a great site for newbies because it requires no experience, training, html, or web design knowledge. As you can probably tell, I recommend this site, especially for those of you looking to earn spare pocket change for the things you like to do on the web anyway.

Shareapic - Paid to Post Photos

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Shareapic pays you to upload and share your pictures. There is no restriction to how many you can upload and share or how big the files can be. You can post to mySpace, Blogger, Xanga, and use Bidvertiser advertisements on your photos. They pay .22 per 1000 page views, and they pay through PayPal or Amazon gift certificates.

Shareapic is absolutely free and only takes seconds to join. Click here for a link to their blog with tons more information for users. This is a great way to earn money for your photos, keep all your photos in one place, and maybe gain some exposure, but don't expose everything. Adult photography is not allowed. This is a great idea for making some spare change off of something you do anyway. I say spare change because you must have 43,000 views to reach payout. That's no walk in the park. It is, as always tough to determine if these sites pay right away. I'll update you as soon as I get some information. Please feel free to leave comments if you have been paid from Shareapic, and also leave comments if you have been scammed by Shareapic. Thanks.

Money4Banners - Get Paid a Flat Fee to Advertise

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Money4Banners is flat fee website advertising, which I find rare. They use a standard 468*60 pixel banner. You are paid $5.00 every month for keeping their ads on your site. You also receive $10 after you join up now ( I suppose this means in December 2008). You must be approved to join. It is absolutely free to join, but I am not sure if they accept blogs or not. I just applied yesterday. The site gives 24 hours response time, and the email I received claimed two business days. I will update the post as soon as I find out if I am accepted or not. I thought I would share.

Money4Banners is absolutely free to join. You can become an affiliate of Money4Banners by applying to become a reseller. You can also resell your own version of Money4Banners by becoming a reseller agent. - Won't Show Me the Money

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And I quote from another blog:

**The First Steps To Making Free Money Online

Your first step is to sign up to places that will never ask you for any payment or credit card. CashCrate is one of the first places I ever made money at and now I make $200 to $300 per month and I have never paid them a cent to join or participate. They pay me every month and it is money I can rely on. Please read my in-depth Cash Crate Review and see the quick video of one of my checks as proof. You won’t be making $200 at first but this is a good place to start for anyone over 13 years old. This is one of the great ways for teens to make money and start learning.

Wow! This sounds so great! If you guys remember, I posted about this on December 9, 2008. I have been anxiously awaiting my $20.00. A simple $20. I have never received it. Did I do something wrong? It is still pending. Feel free to comment, but I believe this isn't the best option for those of you who would like to make money. Where is my money?  If the transactions have not gone through, then why didn't they tell me that they hadn't gone through? I am so confused, and I hate wasting time. Especially hours and hours. They should at least tell you that you're not getting the money....

Please comment with any REAL reviews that you may have of Cash Crate. I included a screen shot in this post for 12/23/08 to show you that my earnings have not budged. The whole point of this blog is to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I am creating a directory, but in the meantime you can do a search for the name of the website, and if I have reviewed it, you can see the results. If I have not reviewed it, and you would like to see an honest review, email me at If you have an honest review of a website that is similar or completely different from mine, please feel free to post it in the comments section. I want as many as possible. Eventually I may start adding them to the blog. If you would like, you can even email me videos, and I will try to post them to the blog. I want this to be a massive, concise resource. 

Legitimate Looking Data Entry - Waitlisting Required

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This is Key for Cash. It requires a small application, and seems to be the easiest online work at home application that I have ever filled out. Not bad. I wish they were all this easy. Unfortunately, you must wait until someone gets in touch with you. This is not automatic work with automatic pay, but if you did get the job, it would probably pay you more. 

I also found this site interesting. It is They have implied that they are on a long waiting list, and that you should call them, not the other way around. They also seem pretty legit. I do not know because I have never been offered employment, but I applied. I am going to be in trouble if all of these sites call at the same time. That is usually how my job searches go. 

I found both of these sites on Money Making . Check it out for lots of work at home links and ideas. 

Swagbucks - Easy to Earn Gift Cards

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Swagbucks is a simple way to earn money shopping online. This is convenient because you can shop at places like Wal-mart, Footlocker,, and many others. Their webpage features may options for saving money on shipping and 10-15% off of your order, which is also great incentive for shopping through this venue. You are paid a straight-forward 1 Swagbuck for every $5 that you spend. If you need to shop online for anything, you should get paid for it. This is a quick signup, and one of the easiest get paid to shop venues. also features this awesome cell phone recycling plan. I am a recycler!! Don't throw your old phone away! Earn money for recycling it! I know you have three or four lying around, everyone I know does.

Youwie - Paid to Socialize and Advertise Your Blog

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Click the screen shot to see the video! is a paid to socialize site worth visiting for you fellow bloggers. The sign up is absolutely free, and they pay a certain amount per 1000 page views, like Associated Content. The amount is usually not over $1.50, but you can display the rss feed from you blog right on the profile! Awesome! Advertising that you get paid for! Always my favorite. The site is littered with advertisements, but they are easy to sidestep. The site features photo storage, a blog, and a news feed among other things. Youwie also features an extensive video collection of videos donated by members. I am watching one on a governmental conspiracy theory titled "SECRET_RULERS_OF_THE_WORLD_THE_BILDERBERG_GROUP".
There are many similar videos. It's pretty neat. I am so busy with other things, that I don't have much time for this, but I joined, and I will probably view my own page 2-3 times per month. Have fun!

Mahalo - Google A.I. Leave off the A

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Mahalo pays you to be Google. $10-$15 per search pages is the going rate for pages that they accept. An application has to be filled out in the Greenhouse section in order to be a part-time agent. You can also make money on Mahalo by answering questions (similar to WikiHow)। If you answer questions very well, the question's asker may "tip" you. Tips online are like working at a senior citizen's buffet, scanty. The sites looks like a fun, unique way to make money online. If you are good at Internet research, this may be a way for you to "get your foot in the door".  Compile relevant, good lists and refer people to those lists. You may land a freelancing job. 

Free Course On Blogging - Experiment With Me

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I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

Update: I did it! While this is free, you must have to wade through 8 or so lessons on how to improve your personal life and attitude to get to it. Weird. This program is all about one's mental well-being and the water problem. While I sympathize, I thought I was getting a money making tutorial for free. Maybe I missed something. I welcome any comments on Simple-ology.

This is what I mean:

$$$ Money Making Idea - ClickBank and Traffic Exchange

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Promote your merchandise ( often provided with their own websites ) through free traffic exchange. This idea is also a great free idea for:

All this for free, and have fun surfing other money making sites! There are plenty to traffic exchange sites out there! With EasyHits4u you can actually get paid to surf and paid for traffic exchange at the same time! This means that while you are getting free hits for surfing, you are actually making some pocket change as well! Who could ask for more? 

Resource-a-day - $10 for Signup, Oneday

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Resource-a-day pays you to read an ezine, advertiser funded, of course. You simply sign-up, they email you the magazine, you read it and refer others to get paid $. There are some rules and regulations of course, but this is a very simple, easy way to make money. The magazine also includes awesome articles on how to make more money with your website. I recommend trying this simply because the articles are so interesting and could help your online business or blog profit.

The minimum payout is a steep $100, and you do not receive it for two months prior to making it, but you get paid 5 levels for referrals, which is almost unheard of with a free site! I have not received any money, yet from this site, and I suppose it will take months, maybe a year, but you can't lose any money here without signing up for some sponsored advertisement, and the tips could make you millions!

More Money from Associated Content!

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Here is more payment proof from Associated Content! They really seem the way to go for quick, honest payouts! You can't help but love them. If  you have ever searched the Internet, you know they're a very reliable, dependable source as well! This was an article reviewing the medication I was taking from my, a patient's perspective. Click here to view the article. When I started this medication, I googled everything to find something like this. Please, do the same. If ever I could think of anything that was more useful. 

Recent activity - Last updated 12/18/2008 22:43 PSTShow
File Type To/From Name/Email/Phone Date Status Details ActionAmount  Fee
 Payment  To Global DomainsInternational Dec. 18, 2008 Completed Details -$10.00 USD $0.00 USD 
 Transfer  From Bank Account Dec. 18, 2008 Completed Details $5.81 USD $0.00 USD 
 Payment  From Associated Content Dec. 16, 2008 Completed Details $4.19 USD $0.00 USD 
 Payment  To Limited Dec. 16, 2008 Completed Details -$5.00 USD $0.00 USD 
 Transfer  From Bank Account Dec. 16, 2008 Completed Details $5.00 USD $0.00 USD 
 Payment  To Relmax, Inc. Dec. 12, 2008 Completed Details -$5.95 USD $0.00 USD 

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