My Lot - It Grows on You

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The myLot Video

I spent all night mylotting last night just to pay for my stupid GDI subscription. I really do need a website, though. I also want to evaluate for GDI you guys. I mean I mylotted my avatar's rear off. I had to delete it and replace it with my cat. This was an awesome sight. It is not as fun and stylish as Platinum Lounge, but it is super informative. You are basically getting paid for others to answer every question you have EVER had about life, your computer, Java, your babies, and your cat. It is really addictive, and I recommend it. Keep in mind I have not reached my payout, please. Comment and let me know if you have had any negative experiences.

Update: Friday night I decided to myLot all night. I wrote around 35 discussions and responded to around 50 other discussions. My grand total for all of this effort (about 4-5 hours was $1.36). I like the site, but I only recommend mylotting in you spare time.


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