Stay at Home and Work Opportunity: A+ Certified Computer Repair Technician, How to Study for the A+ Exam for Free

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The A+ exam is CompTIA's exam for troubleshooting and configuring PC Hardware and Software. The certification exams can be taken at Sylvan Prometric and VUE testing centers. There are no pre-requisites for taking this exam and it is very common in the IT industry. Studying and preparing for this exam can be fun, and this article will detail many of the ways the CompTIA exam can be studied for.

To get A+ certified, one need to pass
A+ Essentials Exam 220-601

A+ Core Hardware Exam Objectives include Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading, Preventive maintenance, Diagnosing and Troubleshooting, Motherboard/Processors/Memory, Basic Networking, and Printers.

A+ OS (Operating Systems) Exam Objectives include Operating System Fundamentals, Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading, Diagnosing and Troubleshooting, and Networks.

and one of three available optional exams:

  • A+ IT Technician 220-602
  • A+ Remote Support Technician 220-603
  • A+ Depot Technician 220-604

There are several ways to study for these exams.

One great way to study for the A+ exam is to review free videos on computer repair, the A+ exam, and various videos detailing computer parts. Websites online to review these videos include:
- YouTube has many videos detailing great information for A+ exams.
- Google videos also have many instructional videos available on a variety of different topics.

Many sites online actually sell video sets for use when studying for the A+ exam. If you combine these 2 great free sites, then you can really save some money and have a unique, almost hands-on method to study for the A+ Exam.

Many sites also offer CompTIA A+ Exam flash cards to study for free.
- ProProfs is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web for flashcards. You will find many, many sets of flashcards here for almost any subject. The pro is that this site includes many different sets of flashcards and thousands of individual flashcards just on the A+ exam. The con is that the quality of the individual flash cards sets may vary. These flashcards are submitted by students, people studying for the certification exams, and professors alike. This is a great place to acquire A+ flashcards.
- This is another flashcard exchange site, and it features many flashcards that one can use to study for the A+ Exam.

There are several textbooks and regular books that one can use to study the CompTIA A+ exam as well. You can usually find inexpensive ones at, Barnes and
Noble, and even eBay. They normally come with cd's chock full of information and practive exams enclosed.

CompTIA A+ Complete Certification Kit

Practice tests and quizzes are also available to help you review material before the examination. This is an excellant way to study for the exam because you familiarize yourself with the types of questions that are one the exam. Preparation for the exam cannot get any easier than practice exams.

Practice Exam Sites:

Podcasts and blogs are also another neat way to study for CompTIA exams. This site offers some great podcasts from a blogger that has an awesome blog all about A+ examinations. Visit his blog , for some great exam information including information on connections and ports, microprocessors, RAM, flashing the BIOS, and Motherboards among other things.


* not only features a few short practice exams, but will allow you to search for CompTIA approved study material. This allows you access to up-to-date and more official information. Lots of time can be wasted studying for Windows 95 based exams.

* Even if you decide not to start your own home business, an A+ certification can be used elsewhere. This is just like any test. If you take your time and study, you can pass. Even with not much experience. Good Luck!

Computer Businesses That You Can Operate From Home

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There are many work-from-home opportunities out there, but in light of the recent changes to global economy, you may want to create your own. There are many options available for those of you willing to brave the small business world. From simple resume writing services to more complicated software programming businesses, many home-based computer businesses can be forged.

Here are some ideas:

  • Become an answering service
  • Be someone else’s bookkeeper
  • Become an Affilliate, Sales Representative, or just plain telemarketer
  • Set up your own spamming service
  • eBay reseller
  • Amazon reseller
  • Create an Avon/Mary Kay/Whatever website that your friends and family can order from.
  • Publisher of software, e-books, etc.
  • Blogger
  • Coupon Newspaper Publishing
  • Graphics Artist
  • Article Writer
  • IT / Business Consultant
  • Income Tax Preparer
  • A+ Certified Computer Technician and Repair Business
  • Internet Marketing Service
  • Secretary or Virtual Assistant Home Based Business


For all of these, you will need a computer, printer, internet connection, and some time and effort. Niche markets are often the most profitable, and and internet auctions along with sites like seem to be the most reliable. You must find your own cocktail.

Join Associated Content

Associated Content is both a good website for starting an online writing business and researching ideas about home based computer businesses. Honest, objective opinions not tailored to rob you of your money can be found here. Just search Associated Content with terms like home-based computer business, work at home, make money online, or make money with my computer. Editors here are required to remove spam like articles, and you won’t encounter too many links to squeeze pages requiring investments which can make Google searches using the same terms tiresome. e-How is also a great, unbiased source for how-to articles on home based businesses and work from home opportunities as well as EZine articles.

Finally, it is best to start out small. Large investment should probably come after experience and testing out your idea. This is especially true of auctions and anything else that requires an investment. Investing in something that is not tangible might not be a smart idea, either. Make sure that there is some kind of guarantee before investing more money than you can afford to lose. Keep in mind that may not be possible or realistic to part with all one’s stock quickly. Items may take time to sell, and often profits are barely enough to cover fees and expenses if you’re not careful. Good Luck!

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