Publish and Distribute Your eBook Quick and Easy with the New eBook Auction Site,

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If you’re looking for a place to publish your eBook manuscripts with little or no hassle, auction sites are often a great place to start. eBay was a great place to get easy, quick exposure, but they’ve now discontinued their eBay eBook auctions, and users are no longer allowed to email content. Amazon often wants you to go through a lot of hassle to make a little money.
A new online auction site for eBooks, Win2Bid eBooks, might help you publish and release your eBooks. The site is easy to use, quick to publish to, and easy to navigate. Get in now, and the site offers free no fee auctions with listings that last for months. You can list your eBooks, and offer them up for auctions that last two to three months.
One way that this eBook auction site might be able to help you with your eBook publishing and distribution is to simply to allow your eBook more hits and exposure via search engines. The more sites that you publish your eBook on, the more web pages the eBook will have. The more pages, the more exposure. If your eBook has a website, more exposure is one of the single things that differentiates your eBook from a million other eBook websites.

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