Make Money Online - Oppurtunity # 6 -

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This is another "store front" opportunity. I have no idea if these things really pay you, but
they are completely free to set up. I do not have to pay shipping, ship items, or handle anything but the store design. I did pay $20 that I had made from selling a book on eBay to secure the domain to point to my store. You do not have to do this, but I thought it would be a nice touch to the blog for less than $2.50 a month. This is no subscription, just a flat $20 for a year. I hope I have not been scammed. I hope they do some of the advertising for me. I am getting tired today. I have been on this computer for like 10 hours today and 14 hours for the last 3 days. This is so much more fun than the t.v.

This is how Zlio works:

1. Set up your store in no time at all

Choose a name, an address, and a template that best fits the theme of your store.
2. Choose products
With ZLIO, you don't sell your own products. Choose from over 6 million items available from hundreds of top Internet merchants. Display as many as 1,000 products in your ZLIO store, and open up to 20 different stores.

3. Earn commissions

Earn up to 10% commission on each and every sale you make. On selected items, you may earn commissions for each click generated. You will receive your commission through Paypal.

and No logistics to deal with!

Payment, product delivery and after-sale support are the sole responsibility ofpartnering ZLIO Internet merchants. Once your ZLIO store is set up, you don't have to worry about anything!

+ Promote your store

Submit your store to the ZLIO store directory and create even more traffic! Enter your store into ZLIO's Special Contest to win prizes and to be voted as the best store within your category!


Here's my zlio video. Maybe I will feature some products later.

Update: I have not earned a single penny in the first month. Maybe I should pay for advertising. I think I should have waited for this opportunity just a while longer.

Items From My Cafe Press Store

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It really only took a couple of hours to create a store. I will have to add to it once I have created some more original artwork to use.
Here are some of my original items. This was a very cool, free project.
Do it yourself: My Store @ !
Click here for the original Cafe Press post.

Make Money Online - Attempt #5 - Cafe Press

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Come visit my store on CafePress!

Design, Sell, Create, Buy your very own products in your very own store that you design! This takes artistic skill and talent that I only possess in limited amounts. I am busy in the production stage - none of my products are ready for release. I will let you know when they are.

It's a pretty cool original idea.

I know you guys probably think that I am not putting forth as much effort as I should, but I want to find the perfect opportunities for me. What is right for me may not be right for you. Please comment with any helpful information you may have.

Get Paid to Search Online - Scour

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Earn money with Scour!

What else do you have to do today? It seems pretty cool. I'll let you know if I make any money.

This is how Scour works:

Search - Get search results from Yahoo, Google, and MSN all in one page. See reviews and feedback from other Scour members for each listing.

Contribute - You can vote and comment on any search result. This allows you to be part of Scour and make a difference. You can actually reflect the fact that the search results are not relevant by voting on them when you search for something. I have getting a page full of irrelevant ads with content that you have to spend 30 minutes trying to navigate your way out of. Scour allows you to give these sites negative reviews and save yourself and others many hassles in the future.

Rewards - Get paid for searching. Earn points redeemable for gift cards for searches, comments, reviews, and inviting friends. Every member is awarded 1 point for every search, 1 for a vote and 1 for a comment with a maximum of 3 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card... it's more than you currently make from searching, right? On top of that, Scour offers referral points for the friends you introduce to Scour where you can earn 25% of the points they make. So if you invited 25 friends that used scour regularly in addition to yourself, that's an easy $125 in your pocket for a year of what you already do! Check out how much you could earn with the Scour Points Calculator.

Update: 1 month - 1130 points. 6000 required for a cashout.

Shadow Shopper - How to Get Started Secret Shopping

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Voted in 2003, 2004 & 2005 as the Mystery Shopping Referral Service of the Year
by The National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers & MerchandisersWeb design company - 4 Guys

This is one of the most popular secret shopping sites out there, and the way I started. You can sign up for free, and you should get jobs. People from other secret shopping networks contacted ME for employment! I am satisfied with this company. It does require work away from home, but not much. You can set your own hours, there is no boss, and it provides a method for you to earn some temporary income while attempting to find work from home. I would refer you by advertisement, but you can only refer by email. You don't make money from referrals which is actually a good sign the company is legit and does not need you to advertise for them. Here is this video to give you some hope.....

Update: Low on funds at the time, I cancelled my account in favor of's free site.

Secret Web Shopper - Advertisement?

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I just woke up thirty minutes ago, and I think that works to Secret Web Shopper's advantage. Most secret shopping is not a scam and involves going to a store or restaurant. In most situations, you do not even have to purchase anything.

Secret Web Shopper involves purchasing everything!
  1. You have to purchase a subscription to get paid( you only get paid if you reach $50 which can't easily be done without purchasing something.
  2. You could cancel your subscriptions and theoretically make money this way. I am still trying to be honest...
  3. If you are interested in Netflix and Dish Network, you could make money in a month!

Here's the video so that you guys can decide amongst yourselves:

Warning: There are also secret shopping scams that involve cashing large checks and sending the money via MoneyGram! Don't do these as well.

Glo Financial - You Might Need Your Credit Repaired After This

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This company has called me for an interview! Yes!

Okay, then they want me to go to Ace Check Cashing and purchase a prepaid credit card so that they can pay me by PayPal? ? ? It costs $35 to get an interview and $3 to get a card. Sounds good, but the ferrari is a dead giveaway.

So I did some research...
Anytime you would like to know if anyone else has ran across a company you are interested in and thinks it is a scam, do a search in Google, etc. like this "glo financial scam".

This scam report is a detailed description of how another person was scammed out of 3 weeks work and $50. Not to say that you should take her word for it, but I think I might this time. I am against initial investments. Especially when the company offers to pay you $12 an hour...

Their webpage looks nice, but I would think twice.

Work From Home Attempt #4 - Sure Jobs Network

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This really sounds like something I would be interested in, and something that may be legit. I think I will attempt it. The website is if you would like to follow along with my experiment as an agent.

Commission is earned every time you successfully find someone a job. My friend does this. He gets paid a salary and has an office, but he only does it for doctors.
I have made you guys a video so that you can view the ins and outs without giving away personal information like I have. If you decide it's right for you, click on the link above.

If you would like to find a job this way:

Here's your video preview:

Money Invested: $0 Time Spent: 2 hours Money Earned: $0 so far

Update: I found this difficult because you can only find jobs for people by using an employer's email address.

I also paid to sign up with them so that they could find me a job. One month later and not a single lead.

Free Website By ClickBank

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A few days ago, I wrote a post on and how you make commissions selling their products. Click here to go to the previous Click Bank post. They actually gave me a free website to market. That was so cool to me! I still haven't made any money, and the offers on my website would cost money that I can't afford to spend right now. The website does give you something to promote however.

Here is a video explaining the process for those of you who would like to join:

Update: One month and no money, yet.

eHow - Make Money Writing Articles

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I did not know you could make money writing articles on eHow. I wrote three articles this morning. I guess it probably takes a while to make any money, but it seems legit as people are still doing it. I am guessing this will not make me rich. Just guessing. There are also other sites like eHow that also pay. I chose eHow because that is the one I see the most when I do online searches. These how to articles are easy to write, and almost everyone has some unique information that noone else has.

I will do some more update entries later if I make any cold, hard cash. This is still a good project if I make no money at all. At least people will gain some helpful knowledge. It seems honest and straightforward, and eHow pay with PayPal! Not instant gratification, but at least they do not want me to sell anything or give them my bank account information.

Update: This is my updated information. I still have not reached payout, but in 1 more month, I should be there!

Articles Written: 47

Article Views: 2,803

Earnings in December $7.18

eHow has turned out to be very fun and addictive. I really like writing the articles, and the more I write, the more creative and fun the articles turn out to be. I find that I make the most off of the ideas that are my own true originals and center around some online topic or a product that can be purchased online.

Money Invested: $0 Time Invested: 60+ hours Money Earned: $7.06-so far, but making more while I sleep

Another Attempt That Turns Into A Referral System...

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Today I am very tired. I have been filling out applications and getting turned down virtually everywhere. Sometimes it almost makes you cry. I will be just fine, but no one wants to live without shopping! I can't get my nails done, and my hair looks a mess. I digress...

Get Your Free Cash System!
Zero to Rich! Free Business System!

That is about all the information you receive. Can you imagine what this could be? I couldn't. It is actually a pretty nice offer as far as these subscription opportunities go. You can get $120 sent directly to your PayPal account if you get 3 friends ( that you do not spam - and they specify this ) and yourself to subscribe to one of their offers. With the A.A.R.P. featured for $2 a month, payday loans ( the kind where you are loaned $300 to pay the light bill when your car broke down that month ), and the Disney Princess Club, who wouldn't want to join, right. Well, I can't think of three people I know that I can sell this to. I am a single, 27 year old with no children and no senior friends that like A.A.R.P. . It is absolutely free to join, so next time someone asks me about the A.A.R.P., I am in there! Maybe I should just try harder. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow I will feel more like marketing this. It really is an easy sell as long as you really get paid.

Money Invested: $0 Time Spent: 10 minutes Money Earned: $0

Here are the instructions if you would like a preview:

Update: 1 month - no referrals, no clicks on the link to be a referral, no one wants this.

Secret Shopping Is Not a Scam

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Secret Shopping is actually not much of a scam. It is a bit of a hassle, but usually worth it. You ACTUALLY get paid for doing it. Usually you do use some resources such as gas or eating out. I have made about $50 so far in 3 months with no investment. I started doing this before the blog, but I am going to include it because it is a legitimate work at home opportunity for those of you who need pocket change. I am not going to call it an attempt because I have already attempted it. It could probably be done professionally if you signed up with a few companies. Maybe I will try that. I will update you with information about every secret shop as I shop it.

So far I have secret shopped my local Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop, Sprint, and Best Buy. You would be amazed at the service I have to report. Sometimes you do run into awesome service, but not very often.
DSG is my favorite service and is absolutely free! I mean you will never have to give them ANY money. For those of you who think Harley Davidson is neat, try Bare International. They usually pay around $20 per shop. I thought it was really fun to get dressed in black and go shop for a helmet while I looked at the motorcycles and drooled.

The only drawback I can think of is that it usually takes 30-40 days to receive a check. For those of you, like myself, who prefer instant gratification and paypal, you will be frustrated with this method, but it does actually produced cold, hard cash in the end.

Money Invested: $0 + gas
Time Invested: Usually 2-3 hours per shop with administrative duties and the shop combined
Money Earned: $50 for 3 shops!

Work From Home Attempt #3: Commission Based Product Sales Part 1

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I am still waiting for ANY legitimate work at home opportunity that does not cost many money to start to respond to my emails....

And waiting...

Okay, for this idea I decided that companies must offer commission for selling their products. You know like Avon, etc. This Attempt will likely occur in many sections as I want to experiment with many companies.

Company #1:

1.What they offer to sale for commission:
Software, ebooks, etc. that can be downloaded immediately.

2. Other nice things:
If you write software or an ebook, you can publish it here and pay others a commission to sale it. If you're a beginning programmer or ebook writer without a hugely popular website like myself, this is a great oppurtunity to gain exposure and sales. In order to do this you have to have 2 webpages on your site devoted to your project. I have no website at the moment, and you can't use free ones. Maybe I will attempt this portion later.

I like the ideas here, but I was thinking more along the lines of something else....

Here are some things for sale if you would like to purchase them:

Best Source For Flexible Jobs. Start Getting Paychecks
For Easy Work That Fits Your Schedule, No Experience

Maverick Money Makers - Get Paid For Life!
Maverick Money Makers Is A Secret Club Whos Members Are Making
At Least $397 Per Day Working From Home!
Every Customer Will Get Our Famous 'Make Money Or Its
Free' Risk-Free Guarantee!

Brand New Paid Survey Site!
Just Sign Up And It Works!
Now With MSN/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!

Super Affiliate Handbook.
Start Your Own Home-Based Affiliate Marketing Business With Super Affiliate
Rosalind Gardners Expert Guidance! Topics Include
Blogging, Market Research, Affiliate Programs,
Web Design, Problem Avoidance And So Much More!
Updated Completely For 2008.

Money Beyond Belief By Dr. Joe Vitale And Brad Yates.
Joe Vitale - Brad Yates - Teleseminar Recordings
Helping Participants Achieve Money Freedom -
Freedom From Limiting Financial Beliefs Using Eft -
Emotional Freedom Technique.

Run Your Car On Water.

You only get paid if you get 5 transactions, someone pays with a MasterCard, and someone pays with a Visa. Sounds too tricky to me for commission sales, and I like to get paid through PayPal. Instant gratification, that's me. I also would love to run my car on water one day, so I included that link as well.

Please comment below if you buy any of the products and let me know if they really work. I wouldn't mind investing in something if I knew it would pay actual cold hard cash.

Money Invested: $0 Time Spent: 20 minutes Money Earned So Far: $0

Inbox Dollars

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For those of you who want to pick up some spare pocket change and some really neat offers, you can try inboxdollars.

I am not sure how much money you make here, either. I haven't seen any cold, hard cash. You CAN get free magazines, discounts, and special offers. I think it is worth the join just to look at the free offers.
This is how much I have "earned" so far:

Current Earnings

Signup Bonuses
Mailings Read
Cash Offers EarningsView Details12$8.75
Cash Surveys EarningsView Details5$1.50
Cash Games EarningsView Details0$0.00
Cash Shopping EarningsView Details0$0.00
Miscellaneous EarningsView Details0$0.00
Referral Rewards 1
Total Current Earnings:$18.45

The problem is you don't get paid until you earn $30. If you like subscriptions, you can make $30 here. I am not sure if you will really get your check......
I like it as a hobby, though. I have been using it for around 6 months. I really would do it, though. It saves you a lot of money. I only participate in this program for a couple of minutes every couple of days or so, and I only average around $.02 a day. There really isn't that much of an opportunity to make more without spending money. It seems as if I have been doing this forever with no profit. I still think it's worth it. I have learned some very valuable things from this website, and if I had the money for some of the subscriptions, I would subscribe to them. They feature Netflix, eBay, and Of course you get a cut of the purchases you make through them. Do you see how this might work? Try it out. At least you'll get a lesson in online marketing.

Money Spent: $0 Time Spent: 6 mos. Cash: $0

Ebay - How Boring

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I am waiting for responses from numerous companies that do not charge any fee for working from home.

And waiting....
And waiting...
And waiting...
I want money immediately! Isn't there anyplace that I can log into and begin working right away on my laptop with 512 MB of memory probably manufactured in 2001?

Ebay was the only thing I could think of today. How boring. Noone has responded, but I have not given up. I have posted my bartender study guide software and some old computer programming books that I am probably never going to use. All in all, I have about $135 worth of stuff posted. Just waiting for a buyer and payment. I sold a $100 broken laptop last week that I wanted to fix, but never had enough money or time to fix. That was good, but I started the blog after that, so it doesn't count. I bought about $40 worth of bracelets to sell, but I have not received them, yet. Those will count.

I don't have much else to sell. I am a minimalist, people. I don't even have a coffee table! If you could see my apartment you would laugh and point at me for the eBay idea. You guys can probably make much more than I can. I don't even have jewelry, for Christ's sake.

Money Spent: $45 Time Spent: 3 hours Money Earned: $0

Global Domains International a.k.a. GDI

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My experience with Global Domains International wasn't very promising. I filled out an application to be a customer service representative. I was supposed to be answering emails all day. Are you kidding? I would love to just answer emails all day. One could always improve her typing skills to her benefit, and this sounded fun. I like helping people use their computers. I was invited to a group interview at 2:00pm and 9:00pm two different days. Great! I can get started right away!

I had to call into the interview 4 different times before a "connection" could be made. They direct me to where they would like me to pay $10 a month for a site. That was the end for me. I do not pay to work. Maybe for some products, but the reviews aren't the best for this one, and I just wanted to answer questions. I think for right now the only products I need would be tangible ones. You purchase the rights to a URL ending in .ws instead of .com at this work at home opportunity. I believe if this were legit, there would be a training area to train new staff at no cost.

Right now I am focusing on working from home for free. I may attempt this later when I have earned $10 from another oppurtunity( I hope!). This isn't supposed to be very much work for huge amounts of money. Sport cars and models grace the web pages, which always makes me skeptical.

Work From Home Attempt #2 - Commission Based Telemarketing Work

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I acquired this position from browsing using the search term" "work from home start immediately paypal". This position was listed amid the ads from Florida as a "sales position". These were your promotion items:

What you promote: We have (3) main products that consist of
Discount Vacation website, Turnkey Website reseller, and Instant paysite

Vacation Site offers discount vacation packages $99.00
Orlando, Daytona, Las Vegas, Cancun,
Jamaica, and many other destinations.

Instant Paysite: Website loaded with the most popular money making systems and tools to increase sales.

Turnkey Reseller: Offering what we already do: Vacation site i
nstant paysite, and reseller opportunity.

Hiring us: The option given to someone who already has a
business but needs us to improve it.

Commission Structure
Site Cost 1-5 6-10 11-15 16+ Bonus

$99 $15 $25 $30 $35 ($100)

$149 $30 $35 $40 $45 ($200)

$249 $40 $45 $55 $30 ($500)

Bonus for hitting 20 Deals for the week in any program
Between Sat-Fri of that work week.

I started cold-calling, promoting vacations. I guess I am not the best outbound telemarketer. I did not make one sale in 4 hours. Time is money, people, and $0 per hour will be hard to stretch into $200 a week. I do not know if he really pays, but I had to take the customer's credit card information myself and send it to him. This is not unusual for a telemarketing company, but I felt guilty. The website listed below gives vacation details. I really wanted the $99 trip to Florida or the Bahamas or whereever. I still am a little fuzzy on the details.

No money in my bank account today!

Money Spent: $0 Time Spent: 4hrs Money Made: $0

Don't let me discourage you. If you are a good telemarketer, this may be for you:

Travis White Regional Sales Manager
MoneyWizard Enterprises

$10 Referrals?

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I was so excited! A work at home job just typing emails!
This is a referrel ad. It is honest assuming that you actually receive the referrel when people sign up. I refer you. I am supposed to get $10. You refer others. You get $10.
Sounds great right.
I haven't earned any money, yet.
Still filling out retail applications.
My goal is to make $200/wk.
Very simple. - Go ahead sign up for the account. It is free.
Maybe we can make money together?

The site mentions referral bonuses "up to $500".
The guy who "hired" me claimed there was $10 per referral.
Guess we'll see.

Work At Home Oppurtunity #1

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Free, Legit Data Entry Position
Legit Data Entry Jobs - No sign up fees EVER NO SIGN UP FEES - LEGIT DATA ENTRY JOBS
“Can I really make money on the Internet?” The fact of the matter is that you really can make money on the Internet -- a lot of money. You simply must take the necessary steps to make it happen. You must have a sincere desire to succeed and the attitude for success. If you are sincerely passionate about your success, you will succeed -- it's that simple. The true secret to creating a successful Internet income is pure determination. Most people fail just at the moment they are about to succeed. Why? -- Because they give up. They lack the true passion that it takes to succeed.
This work-from-home position requires you to have the following:
A reliable computer with internet access
A valid e-mail account
Basic internet knowledge
minimal typing skills

You must also be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner. This includes having excellent grammar and spelling when communicating with clients via e-mail. Must Reside in United States. In addition to the above requirements, you MUST be able to follow instructions closely and completely. All contact is via E-mail, so you will not be required to call anyone at any time. This allows you to work whichever hours are most convenient for you (days, nights or weekends). You will be paid US$10 to $40 for each assignment you process. For example: if you process 15 assignments in a week you will make US$300.00 to $600.00 weekly. The amount of money that you earn is virtually endless and it’s entirely up to you. It only depends on the amount of time and effort you choose to put fourth. The average person makes US$200 to $400 per week. Some make even more depending on how many hours you wish to devote. Once you have been hired, you are considered an Independent Contractor. This means that your taxes will not be taken out; therefore, you will not be provided with any tax forms. THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

This job is a non profit organization working to bring together millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly world by working from home and spending more time with their families.

Once you complete an assignment your money will be credited the same day to your Revolutionary account. Please click on the button below if you don’t have a revolutionary account. Just like Pay Pal, Revolutionary will credit your money to your bank at no charge. Then you will send us your revolutionary account email address. We will then send you the data entry job to start the same day.


Please send your revolutionary email account address to: and put this in the subject ATTENTION: HIRING MANAGER

We make our money when Data entry companies advertise for data entry jobs.

Step 1: Sign up for Revolution by clicking on the green button.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Step 2: Email us your Revolution Email account at: ATTN: HIRING MANAGER should be the title or I may not recieve it.

Step 3: Receive Training for the Data Entry Jobs

Step 4: Receive Jobs from our company - NO FEE.
Step 5: We deposit money to your revolution account
Step 6: Enjoy your money by withdrawing it to your personal Bank account, or Revolution card

Update: Revolutionary Money Exchange no longer gives $10 for referrals. Please do not attempt to make money from home this way.

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