Creating Customized Email Stationery - How to Find Your Stationery Files for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Vista Combinations

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Want to create customized email using Microsoft Outlook and Windows Vista? Searched all morning to find out how? Here are the directions:

Step 1: Create your custom email template. You may download countless free custom email templates on the web, create one using notepad++, notepad, or Microsoft Frontpage.

Step 2: To quickly locate your Stationery folder from Microsoft Outlook 2007, navigate the the Tools menu, then the Options menu, then the Mail Format tab, and then hold the control button while clicking on the “Stationery and Fonts” button. This will take you directly to your Stationery folder for Microsoft Windows Vista. Paste the .html files that you have created along with any necessary pictures or other files that go along with your new stationery.

Step 3: To use your new Microsoft Outlook 2007 customized stationery, navigate the the Tools menu, then the Options menu, then the Mail Format tab, and then click on the “Stationery and Fonts” button. Click on the “Theme…” button and your new stationery .html file should appear in the list as the name of the file with (stationery) following it. Click on the name of the file, and begin your new email. – Get Your Warning Label Here

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If you need labels for your products, you might want to check out sites like Data Graphics Inc, which offer Custom Labels. The site is a supplier of custom labels to industrial, commercial and military manufacturing industries. They  do not make labels for clothing or garments or the general labels that you would find in office supply stores, but they do make labels for cell phones, UID and barcodes, overlays, die cuts, and name plates that you work from home company might need.

Of interest is the product identification labels. Has your work from home company overgrown your home? Need an inventory system? Sell all of your products on eBay? You might want to check out for some ideas on organizing your merchandise and to see how big industries and commercial and military manufacturing industries label their products. You can call them at 800.639.4316 to request a quote for labels for things like warnings for potential hazards when handling equipment and instructional labels that tell people how to handle equipment that could save you tons of money in the long run. Using a custom label to warn your staff of danger is something that should be purchased for work from home construction companies or electrical engineering start ups.

I was invited by DataGraphicsInc. to peruse their website. The items look very useful, especially for work from homers that have expanded their businesses to include manufactured items or items that may be dangerous to handle and need custom labels.

Arise – Apply to be a Virtual Assistant

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ariseWhile attending an on campus college course, my friend CeCe told me about Here you can apply to work from home. You can work from home doing things like answering the phones, email, and other administrative tasks. So, I went to check the site out, and here’s what I found (all of this information can be found and is quoted from

  • Arise offers year-round opportunities to provide contact services to the best selection of well-known, trusted brands – giving you the freedom you crave and the income results you need.
  • As an Arise Certified Professional, you choose which clients to serve, when you work and how many hours each week to work.
  • The entire Admissions/Certification/Contracting process should take only a few days.
  • You are employed by your own business entity and not arise.


So, I began the application process. During the application process, you must complete a profile with all of your personal information, sign a Master Services Agreement, and then go on to the “Ideal Match Assessment” portion. The fourth step is a background Check. The personality test is 100 questions long! The voice training portion of the application process is awesome with a virtual trainer with a virtual office, and the computer training is top notch.

In Detail:
* System Check - Your system will be checked for proper components, allowing you to complete the assessment and hear the call simulations.
* Q & A - This is a series of questions about your attitude and your approach to tasks.
* Simulated Calls - You will listen to instructions and training on how to handle these simulated calls, plus a practice simulation. Finally you will be asked to handle 3 simulated calls by selecting responses and actions.
* Voice Assessment - You will be presented with a page of instructions on how to call and record your voice. You will state your name, and your ACPID, then you will read the script on the instructions page. You will receive results within 2-3 business days.

So, now I am awaiting my results that should arrive within 2-3 business days. Keep ya posted!!

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