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storesonline did invite me to a wonderful, inspirational conference where they gave a pretty convincing lecture on their website product. The lecture lasted about three hours and involved a free meal. They charge thousands of dollars to build websites, which can be reasonable. The company does offer a legitimate work from home idea with lessons on how to market the legitimate work from home idea.


  • Lessons and information including videos on how to build the website, manage the products, page and design management, eCommerce administration, CRM, and a vast knowledge base.
  • Programmers will build your site for you.
  • Extensive site builder with many eCommerce specific tutorials and design elements.


  • This company has an F by the BBB rating.
  • The company’s customer service department is only open on the weekends.
  • This company has been sued for 7.6 million dollars

The company has changed a lot since their lawsuit, and I do believe that the BBB rating probably mostly reflect the lawsuit. Maybe this company has made some positive changes? I did sign up for the $99.99 free trial (my guest and I split the cost). I do not intend to purchase the website or the $3000 custom build option that I am slated to attend another meeting for because I am capable of designing my own website. The trial does have a lot of information that I do think is very useful, and I intend to apply it to my new website. I would not recommend spending or purchasing over the $29.99 monthly charge. With the $29.99 offer, you would receive their PRO version for $29.99 a month instead of $300.00 a month. GoDaddy charges $50 a month for about the same service. This charge and the benefits that come with it are not a bad deal overall. It actually beats out what Go Daddy charges, but you have to take a chance on a kid with a bad reputation. I believe that people CAN change. The $3000 charge may not be a bad deal, either, but unless your idea for a web store is tested, tried, and proven to make money, you might not want to invest that much money into it. Making money online via a website is not as easy as their sales representatives would have you believe. Or maybe it is?

Please comment below if your online store makes a lot of money along with how much time and effort it took. Did you get rich overnight? How much did you have to invest? Are you an Computer Science major?

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