eJury.com – Make Money Online Posing As a Juror

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jury1 Some time ago now, I signed up for eJury.com – the online trial experience. This is a site where you sign up to be a juror and make money online by judging a trial before it ever happens. This gives the lawyer in the trial a better idea of what the verdict might be before he goes to trial. It also gives him or her ideas and new perspectives in the case. This is by far one of the most interesting ways to make money online.

The pay is nothing to make a living from. Considering that it took 3-6 months after signing up to be an online juror before I received an actual case in my email inbox. The pay is $5 to $10 per case, and you will be informed of how much each case is before taking it. It takes around 30 minutes to review the case, fill in the form, and give your official opinion. There are absolutely no charges for making money online through eJury.com.

The case I read was very interesting. It was a medical case concerning an operation / procedure that should never have happened. I was very surprised at the results. They only rewarded the lady a mean of 12,500. In my opinion, the award should have been much higher! My estimate was 250,00. That’s what makes it so interesting. You can enter your opinions and have a look at the insides of a trial case.

The typical eJury case works like this:

Step 1: The attorney prepares the Case Submission which consists of facts from the perspectives of each party, the jury questions which would be used at trial, and personal questions designed to obtain additional feedback.

Step 2: eJury converts the attorney's Case Submission into an "html format" and posts it to a secure location on our website where only eJurors in the county of selection can access the case. The eJurors in that county are then notified by e-mail that a new case has been posted.

Step 3: The eJurors return to our website, log in, and begin reviewing the facts and answering the questions, each clicking a "Submit Verdict" button upon completion. Once the minimum number of verdicts have been rendered (usually 50), the case automatically concludes. A case summary is posted later for those interested in seeing the results.


There are some qualifications for being a juror. You must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, be of sound mind and good moral character, be able to read and write, and have never been convicted of a felony or under indictment or other legal accusation of misdemeanor theft or any felony charge.

This is a wonderful, no-investment-required way to make a very small amount of money on the side. It’s honest, simple, and does not require much effort. eJuror.com is definitely worth signing up for, just don’t hold your breath.

eJuror Proof of Payment:
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My Newest Work From Home Journey Experience, Home Business Connection Magazine

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In the mail, there was this magazine, Home Business Connection. I don’t think I subscribed, but maybe I can find one legit home business opportunity to try for free. I do not like initial investments. Usually there can be found a way to access the same opportunity for free elsewhere, so I steer clear of upfront business investment type payments. Here are some links that I looked into, some of which cost money.

1) http://www.brokeropp.com/program-details.html – This link advertises cashing in on the bad economy by brokering mortgaged homes. It’s only $195 for the “building wealth together kit”. I am helping to build someone’s wealth if I buy this…

2) http://www.easypath2wealth.com/index.php?ID=15356 – Easy Path to Wealth? I have to pay to sell vacations. NO ONE is going on vacations this year. Are they supposed to use their unemployment or the money cut from their salaries? Not that promising of an opportunity for me. My friends don’t have any money.

3) http://nopennypockets.homestead.com/ – well the website didn’t cost them much. This is a portal to another website, someone’s affiliate marketing idea. Let’s see.. “The Perfect Home Based Business”…What could it be? Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad endorses it, and he is one of my heroes. I think it’s selling vitamins? Amazing Sublingual B-12… Hmmm…I can get B12 for like $3. I don’t know if this one is for me.

4) This is a very informative video on turnkey websites so that you will be aware of exactly what I mean:

http://www.freewebsitecenter.com/ – this is a turnkey website! I was really interested in those a few months ago. Your only responsibility is to pay for and advertise the website. These are pretty expensive, although cheaper than I expected. Psychic, Adult, Sports and Dateline 900 numbers are the areas that this company specializes in. These seem like pretty popular topics. I am skeptical. To order by PayPal, you have to call on the phone. I think I should try to reach this business by phone first.

I just don’t see anything that is going to turn my dreams into reality today. Why do I have to be such a pessimistic realist? There are probably great opportunities out there for people that aren’t just sales scams. I am still below my goal of $100/week, but I do work a lot. I do realistically make about half of that and could make more if I had more time, but I am not ready to completely work from home or be my own boss, yet. I am still trying to find a work-at-home rainbow.

This is my idol:

His name is Pat, and I subscribe to his blog. He has just written an e-Book about LEEDS and housing or something and made like 50,000 from it. He is the one who initially inspired me to write eHow articles, and he got laid off around the same time that I did. I don’t remember how I found this blog, but this guy has sooooooooooo much more work from home / make money online talent than I do. Maybe one day I can be as successful as he is…

Triond – Uniquely Publish Your Article for 50% of Advertising Revenues

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Make money Writing: Write and sell Web articles -


blog posting is only concerning Triod, one way to make money online writing. Search the blog for eHow, Associated Content, Helium, Bukisa, and “make money writing” for more articles on how to make money writing online.

Triond.com allows you to make money from articles that you write. The catch is that the material has to be unique, and cannot be published elsewhere. Submitting duplicate content is not allowed. After submitting your unique content, you are published on someone’s website that is related to your content. Triond accepts written articles, pictures, audio, and video.

This is how I found out that your content must be unique:

“You have submitted duplicate content. We have found identical content already published online. You can only submit original content that has never before been published in whole or in part on the Internet. This includes duplicate items that you yourself have authored. http://www.ehow.com/how_4824590_good-fundraising-coupon-books.html

This message was emailed to me just moments after submitting my first article. Read before you write!

You can opt to be paid PayPal, check or Western Union. A MoneyGram! They really go all out! From what most of the writers on Triond claim, this just isn’t a huge money-making venture.


Triond also has a widget for your website or blog. Triond is linked in to Twitter. They also have a community that should be joined if one hopes to succeed on Triond. For other secrets to success as a Triond writer, check out this link:


Triond doesn’t seem like the spot for beginners without much time on their hands. You must also be willing to sell out to the hottest topic list in order to really make bank. All this added to the fact that your articles must be unique equals a tough website for money making purposes. All in all, this is just another post on how to make money writing online, but Triond seems best suited as an alternate money making website for authors to me. As to photography, audio, and video, Triond is probably a blessing in disguise. At least they pay by PayPal.

Online Markets for Writers: How to Make Money by Selling Your Writing On the Internet

My Sunflower Staffing Olay ProX Disaster Event

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Sunflower staffing offered me an event through a secret shopping website marketing Oil of Olay's new anti-wrinkle cream, ProX . This past weekend was super busy for me. Ultimate multi-tasking skills were needed for this crazy little anti-wrinkle secret shopper/vendor assignment that I picked up for Olay. First of all, let me clarify, these are the things I was working on this weekend:
1. A 40 hour a week temporary full-time marketing position that pays the bills for however long it lasts.
2.Spring Semester finals for Clayton State University . Most of the finals must still be taken on campus, even though the classes are online. Cramming for the finals alone was enough to make one exhausted by the time my event rolled around on Saturday, my last exam date and the day of my Olay event. 
3. My work from home position for internetGIRLfriday.com, which takes around 2-3 hours a week depending on the emails. 
4. My new boyfriend. Romance is really impossible when you're this busy, and task #4 took a real back seat this weekend. This is still worth mentioning as it did take time and effort. 


So, the event seemed to go off without a hitch. The store did not seem to have much product. Only one Pro-x starter kit was available for purchase, but I just assumed that since the paper I had glanced at stated that the staff member could report zero for inventory, that was all the product that was needed at the event. That was the first mistake I made. Here are the mistakes that I learned from at this vendor event.

Staffing mistakes and lessons learned for future reference:
1. Always make sure that you not only check in with the manager, but that you verify the manager's title. Do not assume that the man standing at the door asking you who you are is the manager. This might be the greeter.
2. After checking in with the manager, make sure that you inform him that there is a shortage of inventory if applicable. Work to get the available inventory out on the floor. Letting the assistant manager in on the fact that your inventory is super slim is a necessity from the beginning. There was only one box of product there, and it was my job to sell the product. This really made it difficult, and since I did not check in correctly with the manager in the beginning and inform him of this, it will probably be my fault. The assistant manager was informed; however, and he did not alert me to any left over inventory. 

3. Always keep track of your boxes! Never let them out of your site. Put them in your car when you're done. Sam's will crush and throw away your boxes, and you will be left without U.P.S. labels which cost lots of money. 

4. Make sure you take care of the small details like activating your debit card, before you reach the store. These small details can take hours. Don't let them interfere with the smoothness of your operation. 

Just keep everything flowing easily and know where your supplies are. This seems like such an easy gig, and it is. It is if you know what you're doing before you get there. The event itself was a fun time of free lotion for everyone! The ProX really works. The back of my hand was taut and you could see a noticeable difference before the end of the day from product demonstrations and sampling alone. Plus I got to keep the kit! Win! Win!

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