My Newest Work From Home Journey Experience, Home Business Connection Magazine

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In the mail, there was this magazine, Home Business Connection. I don’t think I subscribed, but maybe I can find one legit home business opportunity to try for free. I do not like initial investments. Usually there can be found a way to access the same opportunity for free elsewhere, so I steer clear of upfront business investment type payments. Here are some links that I looked into, some of which cost money.

1) – This link advertises cashing in on the bad economy by brokering mortgaged homes. It’s only $195 for the “building wealth together kit”. I am helping to build someone’s wealth if I buy this…

2) – Easy Path to Wealth? I have to pay to sell vacations. NO ONE is going on vacations this year. Are they supposed to use their unemployment or the money cut from their salaries? Not that promising of an opportunity for me. My friends don’t have any money.

3) – well the website didn’t cost them much. This is a portal to another website, someone’s affiliate marketing idea. Let’s see.. “The Perfect Home Based Business”…What could it be? Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad endorses it, and he is one of my heroes. I think it’s selling vitamins? Amazing Sublingual B-12… Hmmm…I can get B12 for like $3. I don’t know if this one is for me.

4) This is a very informative video on turnkey websites so that you will be aware of exactly what I mean: – this is a turnkey website! I was really interested in those a few months ago. Your only responsibility is to pay for and advertise the website. These are pretty expensive, although cheaper than I expected. Psychic, Adult, Sports and Dateline 900 numbers are the areas that this company specializes in. These seem like pretty popular topics. I am skeptical. To order by PayPal, you have to call on the phone. I think I should try to reach this business by phone first.

I just don’t see anything that is going to turn my dreams into reality today. Why do I have to be such a pessimistic realist? There are probably great opportunities out there for people that aren’t just sales scams. I am still below my goal of $100/week, but I do work a lot. I do realistically make about half of that and could make more if I had more time, but I am not ready to completely work from home or be my own boss, yet. I am still trying to find a work-at-home rainbow.

This is my idol:

His name is Pat, and I subscribe to his blog. He has just written an e-Book about LEEDS and housing or something and made like 50,000 from it. He is the one who initially inspired me to write eHow articles, and he got laid off around the same time that I did. I don’t remember how I found this blog, but this guy has sooooooooooo much more work from home / make money online talent than I do. Maybe one day I can be as successful as he is…


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Great idea!

<3 Lindsay

Synaura said...

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