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blog posting is only concerning Triod, one way to make money online writing. Search the blog for eHow, Associated Content, Helium, Bukisa, and “make money writing” for more articles on how to make money writing online. allows you to make money from articles that you write. The catch is that the material has to be unique, and cannot be published elsewhere. Submitting duplicate content is not allowed. After submitting your unique content, you are published on someone’s website that is related to your content. Triond accepts written articles, pictures, audio, and video.

This is how I found out that your content must be unique:

“You have submitted duplicate content. We have found identical content already published online. You can only submit original content that has never before been published in whole or in part on the Internet. This includes duplicate items that you yourself have authored.

This message was emailed to me just moments after submitting my first article. Read before you write!

You can opt to be paid PayPal, check or Western Union. A MoneyGram! They really go all out! From what most of the writers on Triond claim, this just isn’t a huge money-making venture.

Triond also has a widget for your website or blog. Triond is linked in to Twitter. They also have a community that should be joined if one hopes to succeed on Triond. For other secrets to success as a Triond writer, check out this link:

Triond doesn’t seem like the spot for beginners without much time on their hands. You must also be willing to sell out to the hottest topic list in order to really make bank. All this added to the fact that your articles must be unique equals a tough website for money making purposes. All in all, this is just another post on how to make money writing online, but Triond seems best suited as an alternate money making website for authors to me. As to photography, audio, and video, Triond is probably a blessing in disguise. At least they pay by PayPal.

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