Some New Things I have Learned Regarding SEO and Make Money With Your Content Plus a Series of SEO Videos

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Just to highlight some new sites that I have come across in my reading and writing and seeking new ways to make money online: does something to your content where you should make some money. Who cares about the money? It’s a great way to increase your exposure and link to your content. If, and I do mean if, you can import your blogs and other items here, you could gain some exposure. I am definitely having some trouble importing all three of my blogs, and I can only seem to get my Facebook account to attach to RedGage’s services. I am sure that it does work because so many others have used it, but I am not sure how! Ha! Don’t be too afraid that your website will fail. RedGage’s doesn’t work 100% either. promises to:

“Gain Exposure With Classified Ad Syndication, SEO, Search Engine Placement!

· Get your website indexed quicker by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines!

· Utilize our SEO know how to bring traffic to your affiliate offer or website.

· Use your Professional Profile Page, and optionally generate your own product catalog / store.

· Automatically syndicate your listings to partner sites and all known high traffic free classifieds sites on the internet.

· Automatically submit your Ads to Twitter and other Social Sharing sites.

· Use Video Ads to show off your product or service.

· Receive SMS reply alerts to your cell phone.

· Build your own online store based on your classified ads.

· Help Us Grow, optionally Make Money from our Affiliate Program”

So, I am attempting to add all of my blogs….

You can post a maximum number of 5 adds…

I always give sites like this my trash email. They’ll spam you. ZDNET sends me upwards of three emails per day sometimes. Okay, maybe not that much, but close. You can even post video ads for a price. It also costs money to make the ad available nationwide, and this is a site similar to Craigslist. I get through most of it, and I think that my ad is posted, but they want $1.99 for linking to my website. Through some browser backups and coughs I tried to undo the charge. Ha! I searched for it, and it is posted here:

I am learning to market for my new website whenever I get it finished – Which may be never.


Also, a free SEO e-book and videos can be found here:

He has some pretty interesting classes that you may want to view.

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