How to Survive The Work From Home Boredoms

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Working from home is often not as nice as it sounds on television. It is often filled with 8 to 10 hours of computer work, phone work, or writing in which no one is around to communicate with. Working from home can be as demanding and boring as any old day job out there, and is often more so with little interaction from the outside world save the computer screen. This is how I overcome the work from home boredom streaks that accompany working from home online:


Naps – 10 to 25 minute naps can be utilized during extreme periods of boredom. Nap as often as you like as long as it keeps you going. Make sure you’re clocked out!


Starbucks – buy the espresso and make coffee with it. Works like a charm. You can complete endless hours of snore worthy work from home tasks just by adding Hershey’s dark chocolate and some cream.

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Cats – Get yourself a cat or small, quiet dog to help stave off the boredom. I recommend the local animal shelter. Get one at least three years old so that no potty training is necessary.


Play lots of loud rap music. Some folks prefer classical, but rap usually keeps me going. If you work on the phone all day, you may want to refer to the funny cat pictures here: Lolcats and funny pictures for endless hours of entertainment.

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