Customer Loyalty Concepts and Alpine Access - Are You in the Top 2%

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Customer Loyalty Concepts is another company that employs people to work from home. This is basically call center type employment. It pays around $8 an hour. In this position, you simply cold call customers like the assignment I took selling Florida vacations only you get paid by the hour, not by the sell. This is nice. I am sure that they also get millions of applications. I just applied. Maybe they will call me back. I am applying to work part-time. I cannot work full-time because I am in school, and even full-time at home would be a lot. Maybe if they paid me $40,000 a year to work at home, then I would be full-time, but that's another story altogether. 

Customer Loyalty Concepts sounds like a good company. I am not sure, yet. They did not ask for money for a background check or credit check. Alpine Access wants $45 for both. They only hire 2% of their applicants, and the pay is only $9 per hour. Alpine Access also has benefits like 401K, and features no cold calling. I will probably apply to Alpine Access in the future, but I thought CLC would suit my needs better for now. When my blog makes me a million dollars, I will not need to work, and $45 seems exorbitant for a background check. 


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