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Hi Guys,
Gather is a social network site that pays you for interactions such as sharing photos, thoughts, etc. and of course inviting all your friends from MySpace.
It seems pretty fun so far. I think this might be something I am interested in pursuing on a permanent basis. I like MySpace, and I wanted to do Zenzuu, but I am scared of Zenzuu. They haven't paid me, yet, and I have to get some kind of prepaid card in order to get paid at all. Why can't they just use PayPal like Gather?

Okay, here's the video:

Update: I really like Gather for the intelligent conversation. I haven't been there in a while, but it is really a nice atmosphere to hang out in. I did not find it that lucrative, but others may like it more than I did. I am busy doing other things right now, and I find writing articles online pays me a lot more and a lot more quickly.


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