Legitimate Looking Data Entry - Waitlisting Required

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This is Key for Cash. It requires a small application, and seems to be the easiest online work at home application that I have ever filled out. Not bad. I wish they were all this easy. Unfortunately, you must wait until someone gets in touch with you. This is not automatic work with automatic pay, but if you did get the job, it would probably pay you more. 

I also found this site interesting. It is Axion.com. They have implied that they are on a long waiting list, and that you should call them, not the other way around. They also seem pretty legit. I do not know because I have never been offered employment, but I applied. I am going to be in trouble if all of these sites call at the same time. That is usually how my job searches go. 

I found both of these sites on Money Making Mommy.com . Check it out for lots of work at home links and ideas. 


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