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With Helium.com and Associated Content, you get paid to write articles similar to eHow. I would write about it, but I think I will quote members who have been paid to write about them, leaving myself more time to study. By the time you read this, I will have one article published on both sites. Helium:

Is Helium the next Wikipedia

Helium is not the next Wikipedia and that is only for one reason. Helium is better than Wikipedia. Helium is a lot better than Wikipedia because on Helium anybody can write about any articles that they want to write about and not only that but they can also get paid for writing about articles that they love to write about. At Wikipedia they only accept certain articles but at Helium they will accept any articles about almost anything. What could possibly be better than that? Even though just like Wikipedia some articles may have false information it's still a great source for looking at information on the internet. Now I will admit that I have accounts on both Helium and on Wikipedia and I think that Wikipedia is a wonderful website but Wikipedia has only accepted one of my articles but Helium on the other hand has accepted over 170 of my articles and I think that is great. I've learned a lot just from reading other people's articles and I've even enjoyed writing my own articles for a very long time. So far I think that if I keep writing at Helium then I can maybe eventually become a great Author. I hope that in the future I will have a lot more articles at Helium and I'm just going to keep on writing from now on.

Associated Content:

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Here is an article from the site itself:
How to Make Money by Writing for Associated Content
By Jennifer Claerr, published Mar 17, 2008 Published Content: 331 Total Views: 747,084 Favorited By: 64 CPs
How to Make Money by Writing for Associated Content
It isn't difficult to make money writing for Associated Content. The trick to making money on the site is knowing which topics generate the most page views.
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It isn't difficult to make money writing for Associated Content. When you submit an article, whether for up
front pay or not, you will earn a performance bonus based on your traffic. The trick to making money on Associated Content is knowing which topics generate the most page views.
You can make a great deal of money over time on Associated Content, since as a Content Producer you receive a share of the site's ad revenue. Unlike ordinary affiliate income this revenue is truly passive; you don't have to promote your site continually to keep the money flowing in.
Associated Content is looking to pay for a wide range of articles. There is a small up-front payment which is usually around $4 or $5. They generally pay up-front for product reviews, how-to articles, holiday articles, news, buying guides, writing guides, travel guides, business advice and much more. They do not pay up-front for website reviews, Associated Content tutorials, television and movie reviews, book reviews, most album and video game reviews, opinion or editorial articles (op-ed), or material that is already available on the Associated Content site or the Internet in abundance. It is important submit material that is free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors to receive up-front pay. You may also need to cite your sources.
My first major page views success was with The Best Fourth of July Fireworks in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, which gained over 6,000 page views in only a few days. This clued me in that people on the Internet wanted to read holiday guides, and that local content was also a winner.
Many articles will pay far more than the typical up-front pay by generating massive amounts of page views. My best article, Hot Adult Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself, presently has 15,169 page views. At a performance bonus rate of $1.50 per 1,000 page views, this performance bonus payment for this article dramatically exceeded the up-front pay I received. Since this is a holiday article, I will receive similar traffic and pay for that article every single year.

(Both of the above articles come from helium.com and associated content)
Have fun writing you guys! I'll let you know if I make any money! This is completely free, but there's fierce competition. There are millions of freelance writers on the Internet. Good Luck!


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