Melaleuca - Toothpaste, Detergent, MLM

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The phone rings at 1:00 this afternoon, and Melaleuca was on the other end. Melaleuca's focus is primarily on natural products that are safer for the home. This is a membership along the lines of Sam's Club. You sell it to your friends, they sell it to their friends, and their friend's friends sell it to their friends. You make cash from the top of the pyramid scheme.

It actually does not seem like that bad of an idea. The company is not a scam and is featured with the Better Business Bureau. I think it would be a good oppurtunity. They provide you with training and websites. The products are actually things that you buy every day. The feature cosmetics, vitamins, soaps, etc. You have to buy a minimum of products every month, which is the only catch I saw. The minimum amount is around $50 a month, so it is affordable. I decided the oppurtunity was not right for me, but you may decide to pursue it. This is an excellent oppurtunity for a stay at home mom with a large network, and it left me wondering what other MLM's I may be interested in later. I think I am going to save my money and references for GDI, but I have not made a decision, yet.

!Warning! Scam Report! Click here to see the scam report. Keep in mind your actual experience may differ!


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