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(Dallas, TX) There are tons of sites helping people make money. None of the sites listed below are get-rich-quick schemes, but they will help you earn some extra cash. TXA 21 Web Producer Anna Gonzalez tells us more.

I have actually received two of these checks. You can return them to FedEx and report them as scams or keep them and frame them. I thought I might use mine if I ever needed to escape the country in a real hurry. That's about all they're good for, and you better be out of the country
by the time they clear. Imagine - you wake up one morning around two weeks prior to Christmas, broke and virtually unemployed, and FedEx is knocking on your door with a check for $3230.00! I was cussing at them all day. My nephews wanted a Wii, dang it!
My Check:

Reviewing all of my notes and downloads, I stumbled across a really awesome way to add some relevant, interesting content to my blog and make money at the same time. pays you to embed videos of news content on your blog or website. You can create a blog just to display the content or post relevant content to a blog you have already created. I really like this idea, and I think that we should have a news feature every once in a while. This is syndicated television news from trustworthy sources, and I believe we would profit from having it posted once a week or so. It also makes for easy posts. pays, like most sites that feature something you post, per 1000 views. Here is the payment chart:

CPM On Your Site
CPM On Referred Site
Autoplay Video
Non-Autoplay Video

Not too bad, but the money won't be made overnight. I like the site, and I think my blog would profit from any videos about how to make money online, working from home, and such, so I am going to post from the newsroom every so often. CPMs do add up, and the more traffic you receive, the more money you will make. I also like the classy educational factor. I do not feel that I am trying to scam the average reader when I use posts from the newsroom to add money. The newsroom probably pays about as much as Google Adsense. I have no idea if they actually pay, and it will probably take months before I know for sure, but in the meantime they are interesting, and I hope you guys love the news posts.

This is another video on the check cashing scam:

Salt Lake City, UT - ABC4 Local News, Salt Lake City, UT - SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) � Zephyr Driggs needed to make some cash � earn his keep and a few extra bones. So the 15- month old German shepherd responded to an email offering big money for "check processing."


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