LivePerson - Paid For Your Expertise

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You can become a Liveperson Expert and charge by the hour and by the email. They have experts in fields like education and tutoring, health, business, and spirituality. You can even be a shopping and style expert. You must download and install some free software to get started, and when your services are needed, you can be reached by chat or email. You can charge whatever rates you would like to charge and people come to you. I am a programming expert, and I am charging $1.00 an email. This is about what my programming advice is probably worth. I am a programming student, but I was able to place that information on the site, and the people that contact me will be aware of that. I haven't been contacted, yet, but I have only been signed in for about 10 minutes. 

You can also sign up for the affiliate program and place ads like the one below to make money. Click Here for the LivePerson Affiliate Wizard!
It looks as if psychics get paid the most. Some are $16.00 an hour or better. Click on the image to view rates. Have fun. This looks like a pretty fun, competitive website. I'll update you if I ever make any money at it. 


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