Recession Proof eBay - Sell Clipped Coupons

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I received this comment for moderation today:

Selling on ebay is a waste right now, everybody is holding on to their money. Ebay is a fantastic place to sell. When the buyers have money. I had a bunch of items on feebay but had to pull them to keep from selling them for nothing. Be better off at a flea market selling.

These are rough times, and I do agree. I did decide to include a money making idea for you that is recession proof, convenient, and absolutely free. All you need is a newspaper or magazine, a pair of scissors, and some free time. This idea also saves YOU money in the process. You may be able to pay your electricity with the money you save from coupons you clip yourself at the grocery store and on things like shampoo, etc. 

Step one:
Locate coupons in 
a magazine, newspaper, cereal box, at the grocery store, etc. Go
for the coupons with the most money. The more money you save with the coupon, the 
more money the more money the coupon will earn on eBay.

Step two:
Sign up for an eBay seller account at if you do not have one. You are going to 
have to list the item on eBay. This is relatively simple, and eBay has many tutorials to help you if you need them. Here is an example of a listing of coupons that are sure to sell: "You are bidding on a LOT of 20 Office Depot Coupons $60.00 VALUE You can use up to 3 coupons per purchase: $9.00 off your purchase. You can buy office suplies, cleaning suplies, school, home, food,etc... Description on Coupon: Get $3.00 Off Your Next Office Depot Purchase Minimum purchase of $3, before tax, required. Offer valid in-store ONLY. Must present this original coupon to cashier at the time of purchase. "

You might want to add that you are not selling the coupons, but your labor that you expounded clipping them for legal purposes.

Step 3:
Keep clipping and keep posting, rinse and repeat. There was a listing that I saw for 20 Pedigree canned dog food coupons, $2 off 5 cans. The bids were already up to $32.13 + $0.85 shipping and handling. Cat food and dog food must be popular.

Here are some listings:


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