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Author esantra Category , , , , is an advertising company along the same lines as Clickbank. You can even ad your ClickBank ID and get extra revenue from that. I have installed the widget at the top, right area of my blog's homepage. I have chosen it instead of the WidgetBucks advertisement because I feel that the ads are more relevant. pays via PayPal or check, the choice is yours. 

You can also promote products through well placed links on forums if you do not have a website or blog. Another free way to promote these products would be to place the links in a traffic exchange. I really love my blog, so I am going to use the widget, but here are some examples. 

Forum conversation:
How can I make money online?

Your response:
You can click here to make money online. This is a proven method with instructions. It costs $2.99, but you spend that on soda and candy at the convenient store. This link teaches people to make money online easily and thoroughly, but it is a little more expensive. Using one of these is recommended if you have some extra money to spend. It saves you hours and hours of research!


usana said...

I haven't yet checked out that site. Are you satisfied with their service?

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