The SpiderWeb Marketing System

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SpiderWeb Marketing System, in truth, seems like
another way to market GDI. I am not absolutely sure,
but this looks like the catch. The site just looks too bogus
for me. I signed up for it once before, and I thought I
would feature it so that you guys would know why I did not
sign on, and wouldn't miss out on an oppurtunity that
might otherwise be profitable to you. I am trying to sign up
for free. As far as I can tell, you do have to purchase a GDI
account, which is the same as purchasing a website with
hosting, and doesn't really cost much more.
The actual website setup is easy,and GDI is very easy to
cancel. You can dispute your charge through PayPal if any
problems have occured. He features over 22 videos on his site.
Through these 22 videos he shows you how to set up the system
so that you make $5 - $450 for every
SpiderWeb Marketing System that the system automatically
gives away for you. You do not have to sell anything or even
speak to anyone. There are fees involved. You just have to go
through really detailed information. I know that the first startup
cost is the website that you must use to host this system. The
SpiderWeb Marketing System has about 22 "income streams". Not
all of these are free, and some of these require a monthly fee
(ie. GDI is $10 a month). They have incentives that are provided
when someone you bring in signs up for these paid income streams,
and that is one of the ways that you make money. The marketing and
traffic, the hard part, you have to learn yourself.

For a great, realistic outlook from someone not making
any money from you, go here:

This is a video about the SpiderWeb Marketing System. This guys seems to know what he is talking about, although he is a newbie. This really just shows proof of payment and tells nothing about how the system works. Let's see...
Here's another with a little more information. It still centers around payment proof and Global Domains International without much else.

The site screams about outrageously high passive incomes. I do not doubt this, I just feel that maybe I should have a little more Internet marketing experience, some more steady,
internet finances, and, of course, a little more time on my hands before I jump into this. I am skeptical of most MLM and marketing in general. I suppose there are those that are
really awesome at it, and I know I can be one of those people and all that, but I always prefer to look before I leap, and I know that the results above probably are not the same for
everyone, and would require an investment for advertising, etc. So Good Luck to you who chose to pursue the SpiderWeb Marketing System!


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