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Herbalife is a nationally recognized MLM company. It has a Better Business Bureau rating of B+, which is a decent grade. Like I mentioned earlier, I am trying to find some vitamins to buy for myself at a discount and maybe sell. The main problem that I am experiencing at this time is that most of these vitamin companies sell a mixture of multivitamins and I buy supplements of individual vitamins, but that is another story. Herbalife is very popular and rated up there with Avon when it comes to MLM that you can do from home.


This is how the BBB describes Herbalife:

"This company's business is multi level sales, offering business opportunitues for independent distributors marketing Herbalife's products for weight management, dietary supplements, energy & fitness, aging, skin & hair care, nutritional and personal health care products developed by scientists, doctors and nutriltionists. 

It seemed like a really good idea and a very well known company, but I ran into problem number 2 as soon as I received the catalog. The items are too pricey for me. There are a few of the items that I thought were interesting and that I can afford, but most were way over my budget. If I had the money I would buy these, and I would invest in this company. The products look natural and wonderful, but as a poor student, they're just not for me. Maybe you would like to try Herbalife one day. I think you should. I love vitamins and the supplements I take, and these seem to be of a higher quality. Their lotions and face washes also look like something that I might want to try along with their aloe shampoos and conditioners. The company gave me an all over good impression.
The cost of an herbalife distributor kit is (IBP) is around $88.00 plus tax and shipping. It contains an application form, DVD, and training materials. You can purchase one from your local distributor. You receive a 25-40% discount on Herbalife products, and you may even start your own Herbalife business online.  


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