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Author esantra Category , , , , is an ad revenue sharing community that allows you to get paid for promoting your blog. You will need a Google Adsense ID and an Amazon ID in order to make any money. Your Adsense ID is the same as your publisher ID. You are paid 50% of your ad revenues from Amazon and Adsense. You can also donate to charity if you wish. You receive extra traffic to your blog posts, and you can buzz yourself so that others get to know you better. Buzzing yourself is a lot like using Twitter. You post short little snippets that others can view and comment on. You may also start your own blog within the site. Overall, I think this is a neat way to advertise your blog, and you may even get paid for it. My Adsense is steadily growing, but I can't see making huge cash from ad revenues. The referrals are nice, though.

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You can also upload and play flash games and get paid for it:

YouSayToo also boasts one of the highest paid referral programs. You receive $50.00 just for signing up and $5-$8 for each referral. The minimum payout is $150. I do not know yet if they pay, I just signed up for an account today. I am really interested in making money from my blog. I wish I could do this for a living. It is so fun and interesting and I like Internet Research so much.

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