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Author esantra Category , , , , , , , , is a website that publishes your books, cookbooks, technical writing, novels, poetry, articles, photographs, animation and content. The site helps people to distribute a wide range of material on a vast array of topics. All ages are invited to publish their materials on Lulu, but adult content of a sexual nature is discouraged. They also support copyrights, so your work must be your own.

You can set your own prices on If Lulu sells your content, and receives payment, Lulu will pay you the amount you have chosen. Lulu’s service fee is usually 20% of the gross margin resulting from the sale of the content. The gross margin is the net amount actually received for your content after freight and manufacturing costs are subtracted.

For example, if a User publishes a book that costs $5.00 to manufacture and chooses to receive $4.00 in Creator Revenue, Lulu will set the price of your book as follows:

Manufacturing cost:

$ 5.00

Creator Revenue:

$ 4.00

Lulu service fee :

$ 1.00


Final price of download:

$10.00        Source:


If you choose to make your content free, Lulu waives its service fees altogether. You (the creator) are paid by PayPal or paper check, PayPal generally takes 1-2 months and checks are distributed quarterly. The minimum payout is $20.00. has received rewards for Editor’s Choice from PC Magazine and is a 2008 Web 2.0 Awards Winner. also offers Editor’s Analysis, Book Formatting, and Custom Covers. also offers free marketing tools.  Check out the demo video here.


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