MyPoints - Santa's Helper

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Check out MyPoints for extra Christmas bonus points to redeem towards gift cards at your favorite stores and restaurants. Points seem relatively easy to earn, especially for the normal middle-class shopper around this time of year. MyPoints is sort of a catch-all rewards program for shopping online, searching online, and many other things. You can earn points for:

  • shopping
  • reading emails
  • playing games
  • searching the web
  • taking surveys
Use the points you earn to get gift cards for nearly 100 different stores and restaurants. MyPoints also features coupons for things that you buy anyway, and this a really neat little bonus. MyPoints features rewards from companies like Circuit City, FTD, Office Depot, Dell, NetFlix,, eBay, Best Buy, Snap Fish, and Banana Republic. You can also shop by category. There is even a "Go Green" section for tree hugging hippies. Have fun shopping for rewards.

Here's the video:


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