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I am presently pursuing a bachelor's degree online. It pays around $2800 a year before loans and around $12000 after loans. You do have some factors such as cost of books, time spent going to school online, and the interest rate on the loans you must pay back six months after finishing school. I have found a way to go online through a local university, which is cheaper than most online schools. This is really good information worth hundreds of dollars if you live in Georgia, United States.
This is great for bad economies. You are being educated while the economy is hopefully growing. You will receive loans, etc. to tide you through the rough spots. If the economy does not get any better, they aren't so rough about paying the loans back if you are on food stamps. No, I am not joking.

If you do not live in Georgia, look around. Do some research. Fill out a fafsa. Look for scholarships and funding information. If you can't find any or are too lazy to look:

You can buy an ebook here that will help you tremendously. This compiles all of the information into one place, which could save you thousands. I screwed myself out of plenty of money paying for college myself.
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