Squidoo - No Idea Where the Squid Fits In

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Squidoo is a site that pays you for creating "lenses", which are short one-page webpages about things that interest you. These lenses are made up of modules that include things like donations to your favorite charities, links to Amazon, and a special, awesome module that links right to wikipedia! Squidoo is fun, and the lenses of others are sometimes really awesome! This is how Squidoo pays:

"Royalties are the revenue earned each month by lensmasters. Squidoo is a shared revenue website, which means that the total money earned by all the lenses is fairly divided between all lensmasters; Squidoo uses adsense and its affiliate modules to monetize its website. Some of the money is given to charity and the rest is divided between Squidoo and the lensmasters. Lenses with a low lensrank earn more than lenses with a high lensrank and lenses that earn revenue from sales made through affiliate modules regardless of lensrank keep a portion of that revenue too as royalties."


I haven't earned any money, yet from Squidoo, but I haven't posted many lenses. This is really my second one in the video, and the first one was awful. Squidoo can be a bit confusing. There are tutorials on Squidoo if one would like to read them. Have fun!


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