Got Money - December's Final Payouts

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The month of December was really my first full month in the blogging arena. I have not made a fortune so far, but my payouts for websites that offer "get paid to" services are posted below.
eBay Bracelets -you guys may be wondering what happened to the eBay bracelets that I bought to resell. I bought them for around $.50 each through eBay from merchants with the intent of reselling them. I got them home, and they look like something you would give to small children at a birthday part
y. Not resell material. This happens to me about 1 in 3 or 4 times I buy something off of eBay, but I still love them. It really isn't the merchant's fault. I have preformed expectations of the product. While the product looked as pictured, I expected the bracelets to be bigger. I ended up giving the earrings and the bracelets for Christmas presents. I think I will steer clear of becoming an eBay reseller in the future. Maybe electronics...
GDI - I test marketed them, and noone took the bait. My verdict: not the easy, get rich quick scheme they promised. My trial was also not free. In fact, they charged me double. I disputed the charge through PayPal, and they gladly refunded my $10.00. No complaints here. GDI may not be a scam, but I would still be careful. I am probably missing out on millions, but out of 1000 page views of their turnkey website, I did not have one sell.
In the end, I decided not to include the sales of my old textbooks because they really required an investment that was larger than the profit that I made when I sold them back. I hope next month is more profitable.
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