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I was so excited when I checked my
PayPal and found money from another paying site! Platinum Lounge is so fun! It's hard to actually believe that they pay you. They don't have a lot of rules, you can tastefully promote your blog or get paid to links, making money is relatively easy, and this site is definitely for hipsters, which works out perfectly for me. This is an awesome lounging site devoted to hiphop music, celebrities, and even helping you to find other ways to make money. Platinum Lounge has also generated the first ever user generated movie, "All Eyes On Me".

Proof of PayPal Payment( click photo to enlarge ):

Platinum Lounge Ranking and Payout System is per 2 weeks as follows:
  1. Lounge ICON -- 1st Level --- $10.00 -- MVP Thursdays
  2. Lounge MVP -- 2nd Level --- $7.00 -- MVP Thursdays
  3. Lounge All Star -- 3rd Level --- $4.00 -- MVP Thurdays
  4. Lounge Pro Bowler -- 4th Level -- $3.00 -- Money Mondays
  5. Lounge Starter -- 5th Level -- $2.00 -- Money Mondays
  6. Lounge Honor Roll -- 6th Level -- $1.00 -- Money Mondays
  7. Lounge Varsity -- 7th Level -- $0
  8. Lounge Rookie -- 8th Level -- $0
  9. Lounge Waterboy -- 9th Level -- $0
  10. Lounge Newbie -- 10th Level -- $0
It takes a little while to get paid, but you can have lots of fun while posting. I spent around 8 hours one night posting music videos for rap songs that related to just about every post I came across. It was very entertaining, and the 8 hours passed very quickly. Platinum Lounge is a great site for newbies because it requires no experience, training, html, or web design knowledge. As you can probably tell, I recommend this site, especially for those of you looking to earn spare pocket change for the things you like to do on the web anyway.


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