- You Must Apply and Wait

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Internet Girl hires tech savvy, administrative assistant positions. The downside is that you have to apply and wait. I rarely get calls back from these companies, probably because of the flood of applications that they receive daily. I thought this particular company was interesting because it seemed more like work that I would like to perform on a daily basis. There is computer programming, web design, and blogging involved. I love blogging. I could gather the information and do reporting almost 24 hours a day, and it wouldn't bother me. It really is fun. The site is nice, and the application process is not difficult or overly time consuming. 

I did say that I was going to post the positions that I applied for. I really like this one, so if you don't apply for it, it doesn't matter to me. Here is a link to my resume if you would like to view it in order to determine why I don't get any legit calls. I occassionally get scammer who wants me to cash checks and forward him the money, but that's about it. You can also just look over the resume if you want. Happy hunting!


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