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Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System features free websites, free tools, free education, free marketing ideas, free clipart, free web design materials, free paying system, and on and on and on. This is an awesome website service that you can start for free. You must sign up, they allot you one online website and a url for your download so that you can see what the customer sees( you can get more urls and valuable material if you would like to pay $17.99), and you get all of this for free:

Your Own Online Money Making Website
Instant Online Setup
Regular $1497 Fee Waived
Toll Free Phone Support 24 Hours/Day
Fully Automated Website
Commission on Every Sale
FREE 1 on 1 Marketing Consultation

I am not sure how long this is offered for free, it may be forever, but I would go ahead and jump on this opportunity as quickly as possible. It really is worth the effort. I am not sure about the revenue you might earn from the websites. It is completely commission based. The education and materials that you glean and the education that you will receive when combining the website with the website marketing materials is definitely a deal for free, absolutely nothing, zero dollars, no investment required. You get the picture.

I am embedding the video for the automated wealth system. If you cannot see the video,
click here or open the blog in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Here is the introductory video for Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System:

Click this link to view the video from his website( which is much better ).

Following the introductory video is a video explaining how your website works and information on the free products that you receive with your website. There are also a few video tutorials in the my product center website that are worth taking a look at. The materials listed on the automated wealth system's website for website marketing look awesome. I, personally, would start out with some free traffic exchanges if I had a blog or a website to promote.

Free Traffic Exchange Sites for Your Website:

  1. Easy Hits 4 U
  2. Free Million Autosurf
I would use these until I became familiar with the advertising methods mentioned on the automated wealth system website.

This is the second video I made for the automated system detailing some extras and how your website works for you. Click
here if you cannot see the video:

Please comment if you would like more information. Click
here if you would like to see the website that was created for me absolutely free. My product is a eBook how to make money from taking photos. It is a really informative book, and I think it's worth the $29.99 if you are a decent photographer. I will update you as I go through marketing lessons. The paragraph below was included because there is no payment tracking method for free accounts!

How do I know how much money my website made?
When a visitor clicks Order Now on your website, they will be directed to Paypal to make the payment. Once the payment is complete, your Paypal account will be credited with the transaction amount. You should then receive email notification from Paypal. You also log in to your Paypal account to view your funds. My Product Center does not track how much money you make with your website. However, with a Pro account you can visit your statistics page and view how many orders you've received. 


redramjam said...

Selling on ebay is a waste right now, everybody is holding on to there money. Ebay is a fantastic place to sell. When the buyers have money. I had a bunch of items on feebay but had to pull them to keep from selling them for nothing. Be better off at a flea market selling.

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