Platinum Lounge - Cool Metropolitan Site, I Think...

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Here is a site that I am on frequently -

R. Ethan Smith, Sep 1, 2008, 2:42am EDT

I saw this posting about a site on Gather. Okay - my curiosity was picqued. It leads you to a site called "Platinum Lounge" that pays you to post to a forum. They pay once every two weeks. The payment system is not clear to me, yet. I am not posting a video until I have more information that you could use. It seems like a really cool site started by an African-American star. They pay you to post on topics like eBay, blogging, and the latest clothing styles. It seems pretty fun. I wish I could figure out the payment structure. I know that there are a lot of posts. When I follow the directions, I can't find my status. I will more than likely do an update, if I remember.

Click here to sign up for Platinum Lounge.

Hopefully, I will do a video. This is the link to theirs(done with better special effects):

Update: This is a legit site. I have been paid. Click here for the post on proof of payment. This site is really fun, you meet great people, and I think it is the highest paid site for socializing. Of course this may be because I have so much fun socializing and posting to it...


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