MemoLink - Too Many Offers to Mention

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Memolink has so many offers, that I think I recommend it over myPoints and InboxDollars, which are similar programs. It is more survey oriented than either, with myPoints coming out as the leader in honesty and reliability. As far as raking in the points, I would go for memoLink. You receive a hefty amount of points for eBay, PetSmart, BestBuy, Dell, CompUSA, and hundreds, maybe thousands of others. You can also get points for surveys and emails. This does really seem to be a catch all site, and I think it may be the one that I mainly stick with for these type of promotions. I will need more time to experiment with it, and I will update you in future posts. I hope over time to create a reliable blog based on real experiences that enables me to recommend the best sites. If you have any negative experiences please comment on the posts.


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