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Okay, so I applied at VoiceLog anyway, even though I would need both a dedicated phone line and 512 more megabytes of memory for my aging computer. I was thinking that I could just buy the necessary equipment provided I was hired. No such luck! You must speak Spanish to even submit an application. Oh the joys of job hunting! Dang! There went all of my hopes and dreams of becoming a customer service representative for VoiceLog - no, seriously!

These jobs seem pretty tough to get. Being able to speak Spanish is truly a prized asset in this field that I wish I posessed at times. It seems most of the positions also require a dedicated phone line ( I just use Skype and have no phone line at all in my home ), and 1 GB of RAM. These requirements can be purchased. There are many of these types of positions, and I have applied to at least 10 with no luck, but maybe I am not looking in the right places. I will keep you updated. I think that I am going to begin posting these job hunting forays to the blog as well. Others may have much better results than I do.

Here's the VoiceLog video:


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