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Here is a screenshot of the Xomba bookmark( Xomblurb) that I created for my blog:

Steps to Making Money With Xomba

THE FREE ACCOUNTS. You will need to register for a FREE account with XOMBA and Google's Adsense before you can begin making money online with bookmarks. See the Resource Section below this article for direct links to both sites. Again, these are FREE accounts and this is an absolutely FREE way to make money online. If, at any point in the process, you are asked to pay money, you have done something wrong. Return to these steps and see where you have gone astray.

XOMBA AND ADSENSE. Xomba is the site you will post bookmarks and links on. Adsense is an advertising program run by Google, and they will provide the advertisements that will make money online. When you have registered and been approved for your Adsense account, you will be given a unique number. To make money online with your Xomba bookmarks, you must follow the steps provided by XOMBA to link your Adsense account. This MUST be done or you will not make a penny, no matter how many bookmarks you create.

FINDING WORTHY BOOKMARKS. Any website, article, or media online can be turned into a bookmark, or Xomblurb. Xomblurbs are links with brief descriptions of the content they link to. The trick is finding sites to bookmark that will attract ads people will click on. To do this, look for sites that offer practical information or solve problems. People are more motivated to click advertisements when there is work to be done. The more people click your ads, the more you make money online easy.

WRITING YOUR DESCRIPTION. Writing descriptions for your bookmarks is super easy, especially when you do it right. The trick to writing a description that gets people clicking ads, is to focus on keywords rather than great writing. Keywords will dictate which advertisements accompany your Xomblurbs, and will connect interested readers to the information you are providing. You don't need to write an essay about the site you are linking to. A few sentences with a vague description will do. In fact, sometimes saying less means you make more money online.

KEEP BOOKMARKING. You probably won't see much revenue in the beginning. However, the more bookmarks, or Xomblurbs, you post, the more you will watch your online income grow. Posting several new Xomblurbs a day will take only a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Those bookmarks will continue to make money online for as long as you choose to leave them up. When it comes to bookmarks for easy money, quality takes a backseat to quantity. Post bookmarks often and see how easy it is to make money online. 


The minimum payout is $100.  This site takes time, real time, but the bookmarks on Xomba have no shortage of google adsense. That is for sure. You can also create a profile and socialize. You can also get paid for Xombytes, lengthy interesting articles. Click here for an example. Have fun! 


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