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I am including this because to me, college is part of my work at home experience because I am attending school almost completely online. I have included a post on going to school online if you would like to search for it.

The first book's check that I received today was for $26 from my school's online book store, MBS Direct, MBS direct also offers discounts to qualifying school students and their parents on software, children's products, and backpacks. I shipped it to them free of charge, and the sent me back a check for $26.00 with all the information I would need to look up the order. I spent around $40-$50 for the book. That was before I started the blog, so I am not going to count it as an expense. - you can list your college books, or any other books for sale. People buy them at a set price, much like eBay's "Buy it Now" function. I think this is the way to get the most profit from your textboooks. All the online stores only wanted to give me around $25 for the book. I am receiving $51 from, and I spent $9.44 to ship it to South Carolina via FedEx. I am glad to receive this money as I will need it for books next quarter.
Here is the video:

Money Invested: $0.00 Time Invested: 20 minutes Money Earned: $42

Update: I received all monies. Sites are legitimate.


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