Money4Banners - Get Paid a Flat Fee to Advertise

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Money4Banners is flat fee website advertising, which I find rare. They use a standard 468*60 pixel banner. You are paid $5.00 every month for keeping their ads on your site. You also receive $10 after you join up now ( I suppose this means in December 2008). You must be approved to join. It is absolutely free to join, but I am not sure if they accept blogs or not. I just applied yesterday. The site gives 24 hours response time, and the email I received claimed two business days. I will update the post as soon as I find out if I am accepted or not. I thought I would share.

Money4Banners is absolutely free to join. You can become an affiliate of Money4Banners by applying to become a reseller. You can also resell your own version of Money4Banners by becoming a reseller agent.


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