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And I quote from another blog:

**The First Steps To Making Free Money Online

Your first step is to sign up to places that will never ask you for any payment or credit card. CashCrate is one of the first places I ever made money at and now I make $200 to $300 per month and I have never paid them a cent to join or participate. They pay me every month and it is money I can rely on. Please read my in-depth Cash Crate Review and see the quick video of one of my checks as proof. You won’t be making $200 at first but this is a good place to start for anyone over 13 years old. This is one of the great ways for teens to make money and start learning.

Wow! This sounds so great! If you guys remember, I posted about this on December 9, 2008. I have been anxiously awaiting my $20.00. A simple $20. I have never received it. Did I do something wrong? It is still pending. Feel free to comment, but I believe this isn't the best option for those of you who would like to make money. Where is my money?  If the transactions have not gone through, then why didn't they tell me that they hadn't gone through? I am so confused, and I hate wasting time. Especially hours and hours. They should at least tell you that you're not getting the money....

Please comment with any REAL reviews that you may have of Cash Crate. I included a screen shot in this post for 12/23/08 to show you that my earnings have not budged. The whole point of this blog is to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I am creating a directory, but in the meantime you can do a search for the name of the website, and if I have reviewed it, you can see the results. If I have not reviewed it, and you would like to see an honest review, email me at If you have an honest review of a website that is similar or completely different from mine, please feel free to post it in the comments section. I want as many as possible. Eventually I may start adding them to the blog. If you would like, you can even email me videos, and I will try to post them to the blog. I want this to be a massive, concise resource. 


Fiercy said...

That is good news. I have joined that site too and understand how to complete offers. finally. I have done most of the offers and then I found to make extra income since i got laid off. The layout is awesome and easy on the eyes. Offers are easy to find and categorized. Take a look. It is not a referral link. but i can refer you too. =)

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