Youwie - Paid to Socialize and Advertise Your Blog

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Click the screen shot to see the video! is a paid to socialize site worth visiting for you fellow bloggers. The sign up is absolutely free, and they pay a certain amount per 1000 page views, like Associated Content. The amount is usually not over $1.50, but you can display the rss feed from you blog right on the profile! Awesome! Advertising that you get paid for! Always my favorite. The site is littered with advertisements, but they are easy to sidestep. The site features photo storage, a blog, and a news feed among other things. Youwie also features an extensive video collection of videos donated by members. I am watching one on a governmental conspiracy theory titled "SECRET_RULERS_OF_THE_WORLD_THE_BILDERBERG_GROUP".
There are many similar videos. It's pretty neat. I am so busy with other things, that I don't have much time for this, but I joined, and I will probably view my own page 2-3 times per month. Have fun!


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