Mahalo - Google A.I. Leave off the A

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Mahalo pays you to be Google. $10-$15 per search pages is the going rate for pages that they accept. An application has to be filled out in the Greenhouse section in order to be a part-time agent. You can also make money on Mahalo by answering questions (similar to WikiHow)। If you answer questions very well, the question's asker may "tip" you. Tips online are like working at a senior citizen's buffet, scanty. The sites looks like a fun, unique way to make money online. If you are good at Internet research, this may be a way for you to "get your foot in the door".  Compile relevant, good lists and refer people to those lists. You may land a freelancing job. 


Sue said...

I'm going to have to try that site. Have you tried or mentioned this site, which allows you to earn points? You can trade for prizes and the search method they use, is hosted by google, therefore, you receive the same pages that Google would show, up to 5-6 pages. They are Swag Bucks, but please, click on the link I am providing so I get extra "points". thanks for your help! aw



esantra said...

Thanks, Sue. I joined, and I am going to do a post as well. This is neat. I do not shop online much right now because Christmas shopping is almost done, but you should get some points when I can shop! Merry Christmas! Please post more, and any reviews you may have for them.

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