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So I decided to invest my $10 into GDI. I figured why not? The investment is pretty low. Everything can be done by PayPal, and it is the cheapest way to get my website hosted! Hahaha! It's working out great so far! I could not afford the huge chunk for a website. This is also a .net website that I purchased for $10 a month. I am a newbie, and this is my introductory video. I will have to update it for you in a few days. I do not have much to say because I haven't done any work with the company, yet. I'll get back to you soon.

Updates: I can still not provide GDI with negative feedback because I have not been enrolled in the system for long, but despite buying a thousand page views at easyhits4u for the site (this cost $5.95) they gave me to advertise with, no .ws websites have been sold. It is easy to be skeptical. The only drawback that I really notice is that you can only have 10 pages. It is a whole lot like having a blog with 10 pages. This can benefit me, but I am not sure about everyone else. I like it because I can install flash, and I have no need of huge customer databases, yet. I will keep updating you.

Money Invested: $10 Time Invested: 10 minutes so far Money Earned: $0

Here is my proof of PayPal payment from Associated Content and the proof that I invested in GDI. I will update you with payment information as soon as I get more (hahaha):

Update: I requested a refund and canceled the account. The trial cost $10, and I did not have enough sales inspiration for this particular assignment. I do not like to sell products that I cannot back 90% of the time.


sand said...

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