Financial Update December 1, 2008

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Okay, so you wanna hear a funny story? I sold the book on eBay to someone in London. I included an extra book on the same subject just to be nice. Together the combined weight of my package was around 4 pounds. The price to ship it to London was $37.50 and the package was $2.98. I am never doing that again, and no good deed goes unpunished. If I hadn't have included the extra book to be nice, I probably would have come out even. The money I lost selling on eBay was completely my fault this time.
Well, when I got home there was a $10 check in the mail from DSG secret shopping! That was nice. At least I did not lose too much money today.

Secret Shopping
Money Invested: $0.50 for gas Time Invested: 1 hour Money Earned: $10

Money Invested: $.50 Time Invested: 1 hour Money Earned: $-10.48
Money Invested: $20.00 Time Invested: 3 hours Money Earned: $0.00


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