Amazon Mechanical Turk Sweatshop?

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Hi Guys,
I am really trying to get in some good content in the next 2 months before full time school starts again. Thought I would show you a neat side of Amazon. This is called Amazon Mechanical Turk - Artificial Artificial Intelligence. It looks and sounds really neat, but the per hour pay looks like b.s. and that does not mean bachelor of science. I have to be wrong about this. Would someone please offer some positive input for Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Apparently no assignment pays over $2.00. They may not take long, and I am finding that the usual going rate for Internet work without something really special is about .25 an hour, but I am sure it gets better. I think you have to contact the vendor I can't be looking in the right places or at the right things. I think next time I make $10 (maybe I can complete 10 A. Turk assignments), I will try the thing where you sell .tk web domains. I could use another domain for my mega domain presence plan ( just kidding ).

Update: You do not have to email anyone. Just hit the accept button. I tried them out. Some of them only take around 2 minutes. If you can land one that pays you .10, that is $3.00 per hour. Most pay you .02 or .03! But I think they do actually pay....

It is pretty fun, and you do get paid to search the web. Add your scour, and you get paid twice. If scour ever gives you any money. These sites sometimes have a tendency to flake out at the end. After Zenzuu, I am scared.

Here's the video:

Update: Amazon Mechanical Turk is legit and does pay.


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