Secret Web Shopper - Advertisement?

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I just woke up thirty minutes ago, and I think that works to Secret Web Shopper's advantage. Most secret shopping is not a scam and involves going to a store or restaurant. In most situations, you do not even have to purchase anything.

Secret Web Shopper involves purchasing everything!
  1. You have to purchase a subscription to get paid( you only get paid if you reach $50 which can't easily be done without purchasing something.
  2. You could cancel your subscriptions and theoretically make money this way. I am still trying to be honest...
  3. If you are interested in Netflix and Dish Network, you could make money in a month!

Here's the video so that you guys can decide amongst yourselves:

Warning: There are also secret shopping scams that involve cashing large checks and sending the money via MoneyGram! Don't do these as well.


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