Secret Shopping Is Not a Scam

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Secret Shopping is actually not much of a scam. It is a bit of a hassle, but usually worth it. You ACTUALLY get paid for doing it. Usually you do use some resources such as gas or eating out. I have made about $50 so far in 3 months with no investment. I started doing this before the blog, but I am going to include it because it is a legitimate work at home opportunity for those of you who need pocket change. I am not going to call it an attempt because I have already attempted it. It could probably be done professionally if you signed up with a few companies. Maybe I will try that. I will update you with information about every secret shop as I shop it.

So far I have secret shopped my local Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop, Sprint, and Best Buy. You would be amazed at the service I have to report. Sometimes you do run into awesome service, but not very often.
DSG is my favorite service and is absolutely free! I mean you will never have to give them ANY money. For those of you who think Harley Davidson is neat, try Bare International. They usually pay around $20 per shop. I thought it was really fun to get dressed in black and go shop for a helmet while I looked at the motorcycles and drooled.

The only drawback I can think of is that it usually takes 30-40 days to receive a check. For those of you, like myself, who prefer instant gratification and paypal, you will be frustrated with this method, but it does actually produced cold, hard cash in the end.

Money Invested: $0 + gas
Time Invested: Usually 2-3 hours per shop with administrative duties and the shop combined
Money Earned: $50 for 3 shops!


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